5 things to know about a career in Sales & Marketing

A business team is considered the heart of an organization. The team consists of everything from Sales to marketing. Sales and marketing are two different domains which work hand in hand to deliver a client base and their maintenance. If one focuses on building a client base and selling the product/service, the other one focuses on how to execute that and make a strategic plan. These teams have their own goals but at the end of the day, they are pretty dependant on each other.

To develop a career in Sales or Marketing you have to be skilled in certain domains. Let us discuss that in the further sections. Though both of these career options seek for a degree, some of them even get placed with just skills. Each department has its own subcategories and branches. All these have multiple job roles each and hence they all coordinate and provide results as a team. You can always start as a fresher and then become a manager or pursue an MBA degree and then start as assistant managers or in a higher role than the juniors in the team. For both of these roles internships or job-experience is highly preferred.

If you’re wondering how you can land a job in Sales & Marketing, best management colleges in Mumbai as well as in other cities offer management courses for the same. A management course will equip you with all the nitty-gritty of Sales & Marketing.

Let us now see what are the 5 things to know before taking up a career in Sales & Marketing

  1. Opportunities are limitless: The door to door sales are old now and nobody does that these days. The sales department has grown into sections like Business Development and Inside Sales, where everything is made professional. There are also certain domains which deal with client acquisition, account management, internal designing, planning and execution and much more.

The professions that lie under these domains expect to possess high professionalism, creativity and hard work to the core. Hence, Sales & Marketing is a booming field if done in the right platform. If not one field, there are so many endless opportunities to choose when it comes to Sales & Marketing

  • Well-paid jobs: As a sales executive and a fresher you can be paid the same as a fresher in other departments, also you have an opportunity to earn double your salary by reaching targets. Both Sales & Marketing works on targets and if you as an employee can achieve those targets you will be rewarded with much more than your regular salary. Hence, if you want to earn more and are ready to work hard, Sales & Marketing is the perfect domain for you.
  • Personal control & flexibility: If you are in any of these profiles you have your own command. Apart from the client meetings and internal meetings you attend, usually it is completely up to you as to when and how you work as long as you are reaching targets. This kind of freedom allows you to be more creative and self-driven when it comes to working. Though sometimes it gets stressful just like any other job Sales & Marketing can be a pretty cool and creative job.
  • Make your way as a Manager: Most of the Managers in a company once worked as a fresher in any of these two domains. As a sales or marketing person, you know your product/service really well. At the same time, you are also exposed to the slightest changes in the market and hence are very well versed with handling such situations as well. This personality of yours will make you the most eligible candidate to be promoted as a Manager. Hence, when chose properly this can be the perfect career option if you are looking to drive through as a manager someday.
  • It is FUN-filled: These jobs are mainly focused on understanding your customers’ interests and their satisfaction. It is to explore new areas and places where your product/service can perform well. It involves attracting your customers to buy it and finally helping your audience by actually solving a problem through your product/service. This will genuinely make you feel that you are useful and hence this is one of the most fun-filled job profiles. Unlike desk oriented jobs in these profiles you get to travel, communicate and present your ideas making it a big platform for you to excel an individual and as a part of a company.

These are bits of information most of us are deprived of. Sales & Marketing can be a field of interest to all of us but very few of us are daring enough to make it real.

Education qualification required for Sales & Marketing job profiles:

To start as an executive in these domains you are expected to be excellent in communication, language required by the company and have good planning and executing skills.

  • To start your career after a degree in a decent company you should start after completing your Bachelor’s in Commerce or in Engineering or technology. You are expected to have the ability to understand the product/service the company offers and hence that requires basic knowledge of things.
  • Also, if you want to start in a reputed company then you are expected to have an Master’s. If you complete your Master’s. 

There are so many other colleges in India where you can also graduate from and have a good start to your career. Some of the best colleges in Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, and Hyderabad provide the best placements. You can start as a Sales executive or an online/offline Marketing executive even without a degree. All that matters is where do you want yourself to be in the next few years, based on that plan your education or career path.

To conclude with Sales & Marketing can be the best career option for you. You just have to figure out what are your strengths and how you can utilize it to claim all the perks provided by these domains in the industry.

Let your Sales & Marketing journey help you reach where you dream to be. Good luck!