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Why Consider Paid Social Media For Business?

It is 2020 and we all have social media accounts. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Snap Chat, and more social media platforms are widely used by people all over the world. Initially, they were used for killing time but with changing trends, social media became a leading platform for trading & business. As I’ve observed in the last decade, social media gained a tremendous pace for online business. It includes embarking digital campaigns, reaching customers, and providing full consumer services. As per a survey, around 33% growth was observed in the second half of 2019 as several businesses chose social media and digital marketing services for excelling in the industry. All in all, digital marketing services have always been beneficial for every business.

We often talk about not practicing the black-hat techniques or clickbaiting for increasing the ranking on Google. But in some or the other way, everyone practices this technology because everything is right in business (except being a fraud, that’s a crime). Since people emphasize on organic social media tactics, they usually do not fetch desired results instantly, as compared to paid social media that can upscale the number of visitors. What if organic social media practice gets eliminated owing to its declination? Peruse and understand why paid social media is a must for the forthcoming times.

Organic Social & Paid Social

The difference between organic social and paid social is just like the difference between organic search and paid search. As their respective names suggest, organic social media is the promotion activity that includes the utilization of free tools instead of purchased ones. Backlinks are the biggest and most common example of organic social media where companies can include their website links.

Paid Social refers to paid adverts that are run on different websites in the form of pop-ups. A brand pays to run the advert on different social media platforms. The sole purpose of paid social media campaigns is to reach a mass audience apart from the target audience.

Paid Social Media: The Future of Business

Many digital marketing industry mavens also believe that paid social media adverts would be beneficial in the future. It brings the desired results on all fronts, including reaching beyond the target audience for generating new clients. Business owners who are aware of the power of digital marketing never cease to utilize the best strategy for giving a boost to their business. They create their websites and ensure a strong SEO game by utilizing digital marketing services. But is that sufficient?

Nope, that isn’t sufficient. Just relying on organic searches will bring results quite late. Since they confine the approach of the channel/website, it becomes a must for utilizing the paid social media adverts. According to the statista collected in 2019, more than 45% of businesses worldwide witnessed success with paid social media campaigns. They preferred the following social media channels:

·  Posts Promoted on Facebook

Posting on Facebook pages is an optimal way of staying connected with all followers. But remains restrained to a limit. It will reach a limited audience. With paid promotions, one can surpass the limit and reach a larger audience in no time. All renowned brands worldwide are making the best use of this technique. On Facebook, one should use Facebook Promoted Posts because such promotional posts tend to reach more people in less time. However, it solely relies on the budget that has been set by the client for promotional posts.

· Twitter Promoted Posts

Tweets can be promoted on Twitter too! Twitter Promoted Tweets help in reaching the target audience after determining the accurate audience demographics. The user is allowed to set up the maximum amount he/she wants to spend for promoting tweets. The activity of the promoted tweets, for which you’ve paid, can be tracked easily. Since people are widely active on Twitter, the results of your paid Twitter campaign would be laudable. Several companies and brands pin their promoted tweets on Twitter handle too.

· LinkedIn Adverts

The paid LinkedIn ads help in enhancing the reach for a B2B target audience. By setting up the budget and drafting compelling adverts, one can achieve desired results. Not only this, but paid LinkedIn adverts allow a person to filtering the target criteria and adjudge what type of audience gets to view the adverts. This allows for generating the right results.

The Bottom Line

The paid social media is beneficial because it breaks through all algorithms for connecting with the audience that is unlikely to discover them. Results of paid campaigns on social media reinforce the messaging that tends to increase the conversion rate as compared to organic results. Being a digital marketing expert, I strongly lay emphasize on preferring paid social media campaigning to reach a wider audience. This will bring the desired results in less time.

Author Bio

Ankit Gupta is a self-taught digital marketing professional who loves to decode the industry’s jargons for the people entering the vast world of web. Apart from being an avid writer and sharing his thoughtful insights, he passionately follows the top web and digital marketing gurus to expand his knowledge base. He has strategized many successful digital marketing campaigns for WeblinkIndia a leading web development & designing company in India.