Which is Best SEO or PPC
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Which is Best SEO or PPC. Must Read

Are you confused between SEO and PPC? In case you want to know the difference between the two, you have come to the right place.


The modes and ways of marketing have changed over the years. Everything now is based on technology and the internet. This is one of the reasons why marketing is now entirely being dominated by digital media and modes of marketing.

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Digital media marketing is the process in which the products and services of a brand or a company are promoted to reach the target audience. There are many strategies that are used by brands or businesses to promote their products and services. Two of these are SEO and PPC.

What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is the method of optimizing your web page. This is done to make sure that your target audience is able to see your website.

When you use a proper SEO strategy, it helps the search engines to identify your accounts. This results in a higher ranking of the website on the search engine result page (or SERP) of the user.

When the website’s ranking increases, it becomes easier for the users or our target audience to find your website.

How Does It Work?

Using SEO means that you are willing to optimize your web page with the help of the organic keyword. Whenever your target audience searches for these keywords on the search bar, they get triggered from your website or content. As a result, your site starts shoring up on the SERP of the user.

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It becomes easier for the Google search engine to identify your website when you use SEO. This helps in the improved ranking of the site, which further improves the visibility of the site.

Many people use SEO and the backlink strategy for SEO to gain web traffic. This also helps to better the position of the site on the Google ranking.

Merits Of SEO

  • The positioning or rankings of the search engines is relatively stable
  • SEO gives consistent result
  • Using SEO will make the website rank high organically
  • SEO is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the website

Demerits Of SEO

  • If you compare it with other advertising methods, SEO is slower to yield results
  • It is a time-consuming process
  • Once you start using the SEO strategies, you will never be able to stop as it is a never-ending process of staying up-to-date.

What Is PPC?

Popularly known as PPC, the Pay Per Click method is the form of internet marketing where the advertisers need to pay for the ads only when and if their ads are clicked on by the users. This means you only need to pay for the ads if they are actually getting clicked.

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A lot of entrepreneurs prefer this type of marketing because it gives them accurate data regarding the number of people who are coming across their ads and clicking on them. PPC covers a large number of platforms. The most common of these is Google Ads.

How Does It Work?

There are many companies that start advertising on Google Ads, and most of them use PPC strategies. In order to use PPC as a marketing medium, there are a few things that you need to do.

Firstly, sign up for an account on the social media platform that advertises or promotes products. After you are done with that, you can create ads that you want to use to promote. You can set your budget and the maximum price that you are willing to pay.

The ad auction with investors who are willing to bid for the same keyword will determine whether your ad will be advertised or not. After the investors come to the Quality score. This is a metric of different factors affecting the relevance of the ad to the search for the keyword.

How much an advertiser pays for the click depends on the AdRank. This is the positioning of the ad on the SERP. However, this is not the only deciding factor.

Merits Of PPC

  • You get immediate results with PPC
  • You do not need to worry about the changing algorithms of the search engine
  • You can control your PPC target audience
  • The budget is under your control
  • You can reach your target audience much faster
  • The option of visual ads for your products is also available, which can attract many potential customers.

Demerits Of PPC

  • There is no fixed payment for the ads.
  • Paying for the ads when they are clicked does not endure sale.
  • Once you stop your PPC strategy, you will no longer be able to find leads.
  • There are many fraud cases.
  • The research for the bid keywords can be time-consuming.

Final Words

While SEO mainly focuses on driving organic and quality web traffic to your site and optimizing the web pages, PPC is about the ads that are shown on the SERP of the users. You only have to pay when these ads are clicked on by the users. Even though they are different from each other, both of them are equally important for brand awareness.

Whether you would want to choose SEO or PPC depends on what results from you want. Both of these have pros and cons. If you think that you have enough budget, you should try PPC. This will also give you an immediate impact.

However, in case you are a small business and you want to have a plan for the long run, choosing SEO is ideal for you. Even if the results take time to show, the growth is consistent.