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What Is Lead Generation – Complete Process, Strategies & Tools

An ocean is made by every single drop. Similarly, a business is made by each single qualified lead. The first place has been taken by the leads. What is the reason behind this? The reason is the lead generation which is a popular trick. If you want to generate a customer then you need to take the help of lead generation. It is basically a very important trick. Now I am going to tell you what lead generation-complete processes, strategies and tools are.

Lead generation

When we use a marketing software system or a contact management system to attract potential customers or leads then this process is known as lead generation. Here in the buying process the leads are nurtured and converted into paying customers after you attract them with the offerings. Phone number, email address, name etc., are included in the lead information. When a lead provides you this information then you as a marketer need to offer a valuable thing to him.

Now look at some stats on lead generation

1. The percentage of marketers who want to generate leads by investing their budget’s half part is 53 %.

2. The percentage of B2B marketers who consider their content marketing goal’s most important part as lead generation is 85 %.

3. As compared to the passive content two times more conversions of leads can be generated by the interactive content.

4. The percentage of B2B companies who believe that as compared to the strategies of traditional marketing, more leads are generated by content marketing is 93 %.

5. Some organizations say that among the strategies of generating leads a very effective strategy is email. The percentage of such organizations is 42 %.

6. The percentage of companies who for the purpose of acquiring qualified leads are using strategic landing pages is 68 %.

7. As compared to the inbound leads a 39 % more cost is associated with outbound leads.

Process of lead generation

If you think that for most of your problems, a single solution is lead generation then you are not 100 % correct. It is equally important to use the leads generated by you. I am covering all this here:

1. Identify a buyer persona – Here first you have to decide the right buyer and then you need to target him by making several attempts of collecting leads. With this there will be no longer need to go in the dark and shoot blanks there. The budget, requirements and demographics define the buyer persona for you.

2. Develop a medium for generating leads – Here the right audience needs to be identified first. Then go for choosing the lead magnet. For doing this you will get a lot of help from interactive marketing, social marketing and content marketing strategies.

3. Develop a database for generating leads – If you think that just by generating leads, the process of lead generation will be over then you are wrong. For studying, filtering and segmenting these leads you need to create a database for these. If you take interest in nurturing the leads then the best way of doing this is using an automated system.

4. Qualify and score leads – The same treatment cannot be given to all the leads. Suppose buyer personas have been defined by you. Still qualifying and scoring the leads is needed. At this time, giving priority to a few leads will be a good idea. Now by using different channels you can target the leads. Their interest, usage and preference can also be taken into consideration so as to target them.

5. Create lead-ready channels – Always use optimized channels for collecting the leads. Only then you can get the best results. Webinars, landing pages, emails and social media can be the channels of these types.

6. Spend money in the analytics engine – Using an analytics engine for tracking the conversions will be very good for you. If you will not use an analytics engine then tracking the conversions can become a very difficult task.

Strategies for generating leads

1. Use of content marketing – A good marketing strategy’s essential part is content marketing. The users can get information about the brand after reading and learning from the content about it. Blogs are not the only part of content marketing. Checklists, infographics, courses and e-books are also included in content marketing.

2. Use of social media marketing – For direct interaction with the audience and increasing the reach you can take the advantage from social media like LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook so as to get more leads. Incentivizing the audience with the help of promotions, giveaways and contests will be a good idea.

3. Webinars and podcasts – For your brand you can build a community with the help of webinars and podcasts. These are basically a get-together of like-minded people. Learning a lot of things from one another is possible here. In the generation of leads the webinars and podcasts play a very good role.

4. Use of video marketing – Every day 55 % people watch videos online and every week 77 % of them view videos online. If in the video’s end you use lead generation forms then it can be a very good way of capturing the leads.

Tools for generating the leads

Sumo – You can enhance the email list with this.

HubSpot – You can automate the lead generation with this.

MailChimp – You can integrate the strategy of email marketing with its help.

Constant Contact – On a website, it is possible to integrate the forms with the help of this tool.

Outgrow – Creating an interactive content is possible with this.

If you run an online business and you want to get various services of digital marketing then it will be good for you to contact a digital marketing company. Some of these services may include SEO, ORM, PPC etc.

Author Bio:

Akshay is a social media marketing enthusiast and has written many topics in this and related fields. He works with Mind Digital Group – an independent digital and web designing company providing Offshore Web Development services in India.

What Is Lead Generation – Complete Process, Strategies & Tools
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What Is Lead Generation – Complete Process, Strategies & Tools
An ocean is made by every single drop. Similarly, a business is made by each single qualified lead. The first place has been taken by the leads.
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