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Top 5 Creative Ways To Showcase User Generated Content On Social Media

Community and relationship building is one of the main parts of content marketing strategy and every marketer knows that. User-generated content can help you to accomplish this goal.

The marketing potential UGC holds is beyond the imagination of common users. It helps to lower the gap between the brand and the users and also helps the brands to interact with the people. There are many examples of user-generated content that helped the brands to grow to a new scale.

UGC creates a special type of bond between the user and the brand. Hence user-generated content on social media is one of the best ways to relate with the people.

Most of the big brands encourage it’s users to make content for them by organising campaigns. Social media is the best platform to organise a user-generated content contest. People actively participate in these contests because they exposure to showcase their creativity to a larger group of people.

Today, we are going to discuss how you can maximize the reach of a user-generated content contest on social media.

 So let’s go

5 Creative Ways To Use User-Generated Content On Socail Media

1 Create UGC Centric Post

Creating a UGC post, that mainly focuses on the product is the best ways to directly showcase the audience what you want to show to them. You can share photos and videos on different social media accounts and always remember to add a catchy tagline with the post. This will help you to maximize your reach.

When you share UGC on your official social media platforms, it encourages the other people to share the content to get featured in your posts.

Tip: Always tell people what kind to content you want from them and encourage them to create that content.

2 Create Multiple Media Post To Share More Content

If many users have shared a similar type of photo/videos then you can share all of them by all by creating multiple media post. This will make it special to the people who have created the content.

While sharing multiple media post always remember to give proper credit to all the people. Tag the owner of the photos/videos.

3 UGC In Stories

You can’t post all the content shared by the people in your posts. Sharing user-generated content in the Instagram stories is another cool way to showcase the content. Everyone loves to see the Instagram stories and in some cases, stories have higher engagement than the post.

Using proper hashtags in the stories can increase your reach. Always remember to tag the owner of the photo in your story.

4 Encourage Users To Vote UGC Campaigns

Organizing a contest on socail media is one of the best ways to attract users and having a contest that involves voting on user submission posts is an amazing way to UGC that is already been shared.

There are many tools available in the market that will help you to set up an amazing landing page for the customers to vote on the submissions.

5 UGC In Ads

Growing organically is a slow process. Brands don’t want to wait for that long to reach their customers. So running ads on social media is an amazing way to reach a larger group of people. Use can combine UGC in ads along with the regular content.

User-generated content like photos, videos, texts, and reviews can be used in the ads. This can help you to built trust among the users and always remember that nowadays people buy from the brands on which they can trust.

Over To You

User-generated content can be act as a goldmine you use it a proper way. Sharing user-generated content on socail media is a great way to trust among the users and to maximize your reach.

Using user-generated content in social media can boost your sales if you use them in a proper way.