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Top 12 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore In 2020

We are living in the era of digital marketing in which technology is moving fast and it is quite hard to predict consumer interests and behaviors. The marketing strategy that was valid a week before seems to be of no use just after a week. In this fast-paced, rapidly shifting marketing world, if you want to stay competitive, you are supposed to keep pace with it.

Being a businessman or a digital marketer, you can no longer just stick your hand in the sand and just rely on making educated guesses to find ways to grow your business. Instead, you are supposed to learn digital marketing and do it professionally as sticking to the same old methods is not going to work forever.

If we talk about digital marketing trends, these are very much similar to the fashion world where you see a new development with every new season. Every once a while, there is a new trend in social media marketing and that trend just stays for a while and then a new trend takes its place. If you want to stay competitive in 2020, you have to have a great on these social media marketing trends. Along with adopting the new trends, make sure that you never ignore these 12 digital marketing trends and grow your business like never before.

  1. Focus On Voice Search

Voice search is the next big thing happening in the digital world. The technology is revolutionizing day by day and the artificial intelligence has taken the world by a storm. It has become so advanced that an internet user can easily make it understand what he or she is intending to search and all this is happening now through voice searches. Gone are the days when you just had to optimize your website through for written queries, now you are supposed to give voice searches more importance. Google is rapidly converting from a search engine into an answer engine. Smartphone users also rely on Alexa for making queries. This is the reason more brands are now using voice search optimization to boost their sale. Adopting this new trend is the need of the hour. The more quickly you adopt, more are the chances that your brand will thrive.

  • Be Active On Social Messaging Apps

The future of digital marketing is conversational. If you are not accessible to your prospective customers when they approach to inquiring anything about your products, it works negatively. In addition to replying to your customer’s queries on your website, you should also be pro-active on what app and other social media chatting sites. Consumers find it more comfortable to get information through messaging apps instead of giving calls and wait in long queues. This is the need of the hour that more and more businesses are turning to chatbots.

  • Send Personalized Emails

Though it seems an old-fashioned digital marketing technique, you cannot ignore the importance of sending solitary emails to your prospective clients. Sending an email is still a popular trend, however, there has been a shift in the pattern of sending emails. Gone are the days when email marketing was more of a generic kind, but now a day, you are supposed to send a more personalized message. When you send an individualized message, a user feels more interested in your products.

  • Focus On Quality Content

For attracting more consumers towards your website, you need to publish quality content. No matter if you are publishing an advertisement on your Facebook page, or it is an infographic or just a random post, you should make sure that the content used in the post is of high quality. Show people what they want to see. Find out that what’s the intent of the user and once you got it, create quality content. When you do content marketing in the right way, it makes people go into the details, and most of the time, they end up buying your products.

  • Hire Social Media Influencers

This is another trend that you cannot ignore in 2020. When you hire social media influencers for endorsing your products, it helps you advertise your products in a better way. Using these influencers brings your products to the limelight and it does not take much time. If you think that an influencer is less popular, and there will not be many benefits of hiring him or her, you need to reconsider because there are many benefits of hiring even a low profile influencer as it does not cost much.

  • Make Use Of AI

We are living in 2020 and the best thing about this is that we cannot avoid AI anymore. Gone are the days while advertising was simple. Today, if you want to make effective use of your marketing strategy, you should think about incorporating artificial intelligence into it. It indeed provides the biggest commercial opportunity for businesses no matter big or small they are. By using this technology, you can get a competitive advantage, and it allows you to easily make a shift to a new business.

  • Create Multiple Marketing Channels

When you chose to create just one marketing channel, either on your Facebook or Instagram, you are missing a lot. Each social media channel has its benefits and perks that help you reach a wide range of audiences. For instance, if you just have one business page on Instagram, you cannot get the desired results. For that, you will also have to make accounts on other social media channels.

  • Focus On Multiple Dimensions

When you just keep your focus on one aspect of digital marketing, it is simply not possible to get the desired results. You have to divide your focus into multiple dimensions. Your digital marketing strategy must equally focus on SEO, and SMM so that there is substantial growth in the branding of your business.

  • Do Video Advertising

Have you ever noticed that more and more social media profiles of small- and large-scale businesses are now filled with video content? Yes, it is happening and these videos are becoming the most precious commodity of the marketers. If you want to enhance the awareness of people about your products or services, you should seriously consider about video creation.

  • Do Programmatic Advertising

The future is of programmatic advertising and there is no other opinion about it. In programmatic advertising, you just instruct AI to automate advertisements. It also helps you target a specific audience more swiftly. You get more conversions and if we talk about the acquisition costs, these are way lower.

  • Focus On Visual Search

If you want to take your user experience to another level, you should also equally focus on visual search. If a customer is making a visual search by uploading an image, and you have done the optimization for visual search, your page will appear at the top of the searches. Pinterest has taken the world by storm with its visual research features. Their Pinterest tool allows users to take a photo of a product, search for it on the internet, and buy it online.

  • Create Social Media Stories

This is another rising trend in today’s digital marketing world. The concept was first introduced by Snapchat which was quickly followed by all the other social media applications. Being a business person, you can make maximum use of these features. Just keep on updating your audience with what you are up to and it will protect you from fear of missing out. Publishing stories regularly enhance your brand awareness and you can keep yourself constantly engage with your followers.

Concluding Remarks!

Time is changing fast. Now by just creating a good logo and a catchy slogan, you can reach your potential customers. To enhance your reach, make sure that you keep following these digital marketing trends and also stay updated with the changing world.

Digital Marketing Trends 2020
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Digital Marketing Trends 2020
Never ignore these 12 digital marketing trends and grow your business like never before.
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