The Best (FREE) WordPress Security Plugins For Your Website
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The Best (FREE) WordPress Security Plugins for Your Website

The safety and security of websites are of utmost importance. Security being a top trend for the last few years, it isn’t something you would ever want to miss out on, especially when all your competitors are focusing on it. When it comes to WordPress, one of the most important things you have to consider is the security of your CMS. 

WordPress being a top choice for content-driven websites, although WordPress is one of the most secure platforms, custom CMS development services should focus on all the possibilities. It is necessary to secure the website from hackers, viruses, spams and more. This is why you need to have the best WordPress security plugins for your website. 

We have sorted out a list of security plugins that can help your WordPress sites and businesses. We are hopeful once you are done with this post you would have an idea where to get started. Here are some hand-picked ones for you, but before that let’s check out the factors on which we have selected these security plugins.

  • Powerful features that a security plugin must have

There are thousands of WordPress plugins accessible online. However, not all the plugins are efficient in securing your website. You have to look for the features that are absolutely necessary for the reliability of the tool. Here is the mix of features and functionalities that we deem secure and has helped us in providing the best custom WordPress development services. 

  • Ability to detect Malware, Viruses and Spam completely. 
  • Protect the login page.
  • Doesn’t hamper the performance of the website
  • Easy fixes that hedge the website from getting suspended and blacklisted. 
  • A strong firewall that protects a site from Malware traffic. 
  • Unlimited virus and malware removal. 
  • Hard security measures. 
  • Prompt and active customer response.
  • Multiple site management tools through a single dashboard. 

Best WordPress Security Plugins for 2021 to keep your website secure

To protect your website from hackers and unauthorized entries it is necessary to have a reliable and feature-rich security plugin. Hackers can easily break into the website easily; they use various methods which can put the security of your site at risk. Here are some tools which are free and top-listed WordPress security plugins you can use. 

  1. Wordfence 

Wordfence is currently being used by 2 million people, and it is a very popular plugin. It offers you a complete package that can be used for WordPress security and it is frequently updated so you don’t have to worry about any loopholes in the security. 

The security solution for WordPress provides in-depth protection from malware and viruses and malicious IP addresses. The tool also follows the new firewall rules. It also offers a real-time live traffic system. It also enables you to get real-time updates of the traffic as well as notifies you in case of any attempts to breach the security.

  • Web application firewall 
  • Deep integration for high-end protection
  • Disallows requests with harmful content or code.
  • Limit login attempts 
  • Real-time malware signature updates 
  • Two-factor authentication. 
  1. Sucuri Security 

This solution can be used for Magento, Drupal, Joomla and other technologies alongside WordPress. It offers some of the best security solutions and it is a widely reliable solution. Site scans for spam, blacklisting, malware, and other security-related issues such as hidden malicious code,.htaccess, and more are included in this fully free solution.

  • Remote malware scanner
  • File integrity monitoring 
  • Security activity audit
  • DNS level firewall protection 
  • Complete protection from brute force attacks 
  • Easy recovery from hacked websites and post hacking security actions. 
  • Notifications for security-related actions. 
  • Protection against DDOS attacks.
  1. All in One WP Security & Firewall 

This easy-to-install and use plugin are one of the best-known security plugins of all time. Due to its simplicity, it is widely used by developers at the beginner level. The easeful user interface, easy configuration and wide range of security options makes it a developer-favorite. 

The level of protection provided by this top-notch product is at par. It uses the latest recommendations for security techniques and checks. The solution also adds a powerful firewall and keeps the site protected. It improves site security with a wide range of solutions. In case there are any changes in the WordPress code by malicious script it is kept at bay through its strong firewall. 

  • Prevents hot-linking website images 
  • Blocks fake bots of Google 
  • Strong password measures
  • Brute Force Login Attack feature 
  • Stops user enumeration 
  • For specific instances, the ability to whitelist one or more IP addresses.
  • Powerful monitoring 
  1. MalCare 

MalCare is known to be one of the most powerful and comprehensive security plugins for all time. It provides easy detection and removal of malware faster than any other plugin out there in the market. Offers strong login protection and powerful firewall feature for blocking suspicious IPs or malicious activities. Another great feature of the tool is its one-click malware removal tool. It is fast and always on guard for any threats to the website. 

  • Cloud-based security plugin with no effect on the site speed. 
  • User-friendly interface with fast malware detection and removal 
  • Realtime firewall protection 
  • Monitors uptime and performance
  • Scheduled and custom reporting feature 
  • Seperate server to keep the performance of the site unaffected 
  1. BulletProof Security 

BulletProof Security is a high-rated and robust security plugin for WordPress. It is known for its powerful security measures offered through a robust firewall and out-of-the-box Brute Force Attack feature.  The implementation of the tool is a bit tricky however, the protection that it offers – is worth the work. 

BulletProof Security provides protection to the database and backs it up. By analyzing the. htaccess file also reduces the risk of compromising website security and improves performance. With a one-click installation wizard, installing and setting up the plugin itself is easier than ever. But the configuration of the tools stays tricky as the user interface is not that streamlined.  

  • Manual mode for advanced configurations. (Only available on premium version) 
  • Free version offers adequate tools for securing a WordPress website. 
  • Provides file upload protection and integrity monitoring. 
  • Idle session logout 
  • Intrusion detection and prevention system 
  • Built-in code scanner
  • Limits failed attempts, block IP and looks for fake traffic 
  • Optimization of performance
  • Pro-version comes with unlimited site support 

Wrapping Up 

WordPress offers a secure CMS, however, the advancing new techniques used by hackers need added protection. The free tools mentioned in the blog will help you to protect your WordPress site from malware, viruses, and authorized logins to the site. These tools have the necessary tools that can help you get the job done and also take a major load off your shoulder.

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