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Role of SEO Manager Job and Responsibility

Internet is a great source to make a business successful. And search engine optimization is a technique to rank in search engines. Popularity and need for digital marketing of every business make this field a better option for a career. Search engine Optimization is an important part of online branding. That’s why there is a huge requirement for the SEO manager job.

The key responsibility of the SEO manager guides, coordinate and manage all the SEO related work. Let’s have a look on SEO manage job profile-

SEO Manager Job Profile

SEO managers charge the charge to come along with implementing and managing the company’s overall SEO strategy. They sometimes relax a good form of duties like Internet Promotion, Internet Analytics, Content marketing Strategy Planning, Link Building, & Keyword Strategy.

It is important to summarize a transparent and accurate SEO manager description, to attract SEO which best matches your wishes.

SEO Manager Details

We are trying to find a practice and knowledgeable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Manager to give our promotional team a suffix! As an SEO manager, you will be chargeable for coming up with implementing and managing our SEO strategy. As our online presence is very essential for the success of the business, your position can play a bigger role in the development and success of our business.

SEO Manager Duties and Responsibilities

The main role of an SEO manager is to guide and supervise a team of SEO to get results in the online image of the brand or website. SEO Manager guides your team for the following responsibilities.

  • Plan, Develop and Apply Our SEO Strategy
  • Work towards optimizing biological search and ROI maximization
  • Fully analyze keywords
  • Identify key SEO KPI
  • Monitor redirection, click rate, bounce rate, and optional KPIs
  • Generate reports and give gifts often
  • Identify our customer personality for the targeted goal is known to the audience
  • Identify issues and deficiencies and apply solutions in a very timely manner
  • Suggest improvement in method and productivity optimization
  • Collaborate with the internet developers and the promotion team
  • Stay up to date with the latest SEO and digital ones that promote the latest trends and best practices.

SEO Manager Requirements and Qualifications

  • Here we have gathered the qualification point which is considered for SEO Manager Job Profile-
  • X years expertise as SEO manager or similar role
  • X years of expertise to come and implement with a thriving SEO strategy
  • Proven success in SEO
  • X Year Specialization Internet Analytics, Marketing, and Business Development
  • Expertise in A / B and Alternative Testing Strategies
  • Familiar with a hypertext markup language, CSS, javascript
  • Skills in analyzing data and information in depth with analysis principles and strategies
  • A feeling of pride and pride in your performance and its impact on the success of the company
  • Critical Thinker and Problem Solving Skills
  • team player
  • Good time management skills
  • Great social and communication skills
  • MA in a promotion or similar relevant field
  • Use this SEO Manager description and post it on many job boards!

Salary of the SEO manager

SEO Manager’s payroll is quite fine. It is different in India, and it is between 4-5 lakhs per year and in other places like Canada, it is about $ 60,000 per year. Diversity can depend on the organization on which you are working. But still, you get a good amount of pay for you.


If you are interested in SEO, then go for it because this area is very big and you can see your bright future in the same area. Experience in SEO will make you the best SEO manager. We wish you a great career in search engine optimization.