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Not Satisfied with Online Performance? Follow Integrated Marketing

In today’s digitalized era, almost every company vies for search engine rankings, traffic, and the attention of leads. Indeed, having an excellent online presence is essential. But one of the most vital needs for a company is marketing and sales pipeline. Every entrepreneur needs an integrated approach that comprises marketing, public relations, customers, sales, etc. 

So, why not opt for integrated marketing communication (IMC)? It is a marketing practice where you deliver the brand’s message across different channels. It ensures the messaging and branding are consistent across all platforms. Typically, this marketing approach integrates various media. You can launch paid advertisement campaigns where you spend to reach valuable leads. Likewise, you can opt for earned media to generate traffic through organic means such as SEO

Lastly, integrated marketing comprises owned media where you can control your promotions. You can give a shot to social media marketing, generate content, or send emails to prospective clients. All these methods combined can create a seamless experience for the audience, improving online performance. Thus, if you are having trouble in the virtual sphere, follow an integrated marketing approach to elevate online performance. Here are some tips. 

  • Understand Your Target Audience 

Unsurprisingly, the target audience is always an integral part of the marketing campaign. Therefore, think about audiences who are most prone to buying your products and services. You can start segmenting the markets based on demographical information such as interests, purchasing behavior, gender, etc. Similarly, you can create a backlink strategy to attract people from other websites. You can add backlinks to the web pages with your business niche and direct referral traffic to your site. 

In addition to targeting the right customers, backlinking can increase conversion prospects. Simultaneously, you have to focus on publishing content that aligns with audiences’ interests. If your target audience includes women, 18-25 years of age, make sure they can resonate with the content. Besides this, you can create buyer personas and think from the customer’s viewpoint to better understand their changing interests. After all, identifying the target audience is crucial for launching a successful integrated marketing campaign

  • Conduct a Swot Analysis 

The swot analysis evaluates your businesses’ strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities, helping you comprehend how to launch an effective campaign. For this, you have to consider how customers perceive your business. Do they see you as a premium brand or a one-stop-shop brand? Here is how one can do a SWOT Analysis

  • Strengths: These are the things that make your business distinctive and give you an edge in the market. Perhaps, your lower prices or free shipping can be a strength. Likewise, the company’s low employee turnover could also be a strength. Hence, focus on such attributes to make your business thrive. 
  • Weaknesses: Every business has some pitfalls and inefficiencies. Instead of ignoring them, entrepreneurs should identify weaknesses and overcome them. 
  • Opportunities: These are more like the brand’s growth prospects. If you notice customers engaging with videos, you can use them across different channels. Similarly, you can explore opportunities that can improve your campaign’s performance.
  • Threats: Is there anything that can affect your marketing campaign? You have to keep looking for threats to ensure nothing comes in the way of your business success. 

By performing a swot analysis, you will have a keen understanding of how integrated marketing can improve online performance. 

  • Add Creativity in Your Campaign

An integrated marketing campaign without a pinch of creativity is probably, incomplete. Since you have to spread the message across several forums, adding the creative element is essential to captivate audiences. Firstly, brainstorm some ideas around your campaign and business goal. If you want to increase your customer base, start your podcasts. Otherwise, you can complement text-based information with visuals or utilize interactive content for social media forums.  

Moreover, spy on your competitors and check their integrated marketing campaigns to get more ideas. You can see which content formats they use and how they spread their brand message across different channels. After all, you never know what may inspire your marketing strategy. As you get creative with the campaign, make sure to create something memorable because it helps audiences remember your business.  

  • Define Communication Methods

The way brands deliver the brand message can make all the difference. Thus, think about how you can tailor messages using different marketing channels. Likewise, consider which marketing channels and messaging styles will be the most suitable for your target audience. Millennials might prefer receiving emails from the brands whereas, Gen Z may want to interact with businesses operating on social media. Therefore, select your distribution channels carefully to reach out to your customers. 

Firstly, you can determine which social media forums your customers use. Are they active readers? Do they prefer watching videos? You can conduct surveys or assess analytics to find answers to these questions. Usually, marketers end up using every channel, but that dilutes the brand message instead of promoting it.  

Since integrated marketing has to be precise and more focused, you have to stick to the most effective channels. Also, keep evaluating their performance because customers’ preferences change rapidly. Here some competent channels for integrated marketing. 

  • Social media 
  • Messaging Apps
  • Online Publications 
  • Whitepapers 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Emails
  • Online Digital Assets – Videos. 
  • Monitor Key Metrics 

Evaluating the success of your integrated marketing efforts is essential. It would determine whether the campaign is paying off or draining money. Here, you can utilize a set of success metrics to monitor and analyze performance. These metrics can give you rich insights into every tiny detail of the campaign. You will learn about the churn rate for email campaigns, number of website visits, newsletter sign-ups, and social media mentions. 

Moreover, you can monitor the conversion rates across different channels to apprehend what is working and what isn’t for the brand. Besides this, you must separate data associated with various forums to determine channel-specific metrics. It will disclose which channels are bringing profitable results, letting you invest more resources in it.  

Final Words

In today’s competitive world, standard digital marketing strategies are not helping businesses grow. As a result, marketers turn to integrated marketing campaigns to improve online performance. It outlines the brand’s core message, highlights competitive advantages, and addresses the correct target audience. Similarly, you can tailor messages to fit different marketing channels and gain an edge over your competitors. These practices establish your brand as an authority while fostering relationships with customers. 

Not Satisfied With Online Performance? Follow Integrated Marketing
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Not Satisfied With Online Performance? Follow Integrated Marketing
In today’s digitalized era, almost every company vies for search engine rankings, traffic, and the attention of leads. Indeed, having an excellent online presence is essential. But one of the most vital needs for a company is marketing and sales pipeline.
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