Local SEO Solutions: 7 Tips to Boost Local Rankings
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Local SEO Solutions: 7 Tips to Boost Local Rankings

Local SEO is the key to success in the business world today. 93% of users are likely to take action when they’re searching for a local business. It is a process of optimizing local search engine results pages (SERPs) for your company or brand to rank higher in Google Maps, Yahoo!, Bing, and other popular search engines. This page will discuss seven tips to help you boost your local rankings and optimize your visibility in those SERPs.

7 Tips to Boost Local Rankings

If you want to beat the competition in your local area, you need to optimize the search engine results pages by making it easier for Google and other search engines to find your site. Here are seven tips by SEO Sydney experts  that will help you get more local rankings:

Get local citations and links

Linked citations and links are powerful tools to help boost your local rankings. But what exactly is a citation?

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A citation is a link to another website or place. Search engines like Google rely on the number of citations that they find in order to rank your website accordingly. Linking your content with high-quality, relevant topics will help you earn more citations, which in turn helps you rank higher on search engines for any given keyword or phrase.

According to recent studies, people trust businesses with at least three positive reviews over those with just one review or none at all. People are willing to follow companies that have satisfied customers who’ve posted reviews online.

Do local keyword research

Local SEO is a crucial part of a business. A local SEO strategy can help the company to achieve a better ranking in their local market and get more leads and customers.

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There are many methods of doing keyword research, but it is important to do that locally because not all keywords are relevant to every region. If you have a small budget, it might be best to just do some keyword research on your own or with the help of your employees.

The other method of doing this would be using a tool like Google’s Keyword Planner or SEMrush, which will give you an idea about the best keywords for your business and how competitive they are based on monthly searches.

Create a NAP consistency across all platforms, including social media sites and business listings 

Having a consistent NAP across all of the platforms can help improve local rankings.

The NAP helps businesses to gain a more reliable and consistent view of their company profile across different marketing channels. This consistency in the NAP will allow for businesses to have an improved website; ranking boosts for business listings, better response rates and higher overall engagement with their audience.

A lot of companies have struggled to make all of the four platforms look like one big system that works together. It has been made harder by the fact that people often use different platforms at different times, making it difficult for them to build a holistic system.

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In order to create consistency, businesses need to focus on the messaging they are putting out across all four platforms and make sure it is consistent with what they are saying online.

Use Google My Business 

Google My Business is a service that helps your local business get more visibility. It offers free benefits like Google Maps, street view, and reviews.

The use of Google My Business comes with huge benefits, but it also has its downsides as well. The main downside is that Google doesn’t always respond to requests for changes to the content of your business listing. This can result in inconsistent or unavailable content across all platforms.

When you’ve created a company account on Google My Business, you’ll be able to add events, edit information about yourself and display pictures from your company. It’s important to note that the images are only uploaded from the primary business location or office space.

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If you have a satellite office that isn’t large enough for its own image on the map, it will not show on the map. The address is usually visible in the address bar but not always (to confirm it’s a satellite office, go to Google Maps and enter their address; if it’s not there, then it’s a satellite branch).

Create an effective website site map 

Websites with a site map are more easily indexed by search engines and have a higher chance of being ranked higher in search results. The most effective way to create a site map is to do it yourself. But if you’re not comfortable with HTML/CSS, there are different tools that can help. Some website design companies even offer their own website maps, so they’ll just need to pay for the design they require.

Create an optimized title tag & meta description 

We know that the Information Age has been around for decades, but it has only been in the past few years that SEOs, marketers and business owners have started realizing the importance of local SEO. Today, if a website is not top-ranked locally, it’s just about non-viable. In this report, we are going to show you how to create an optimized title tag and meta description for your website.

Creating content that ensures your website ranks highly on local searches requires planning and strategy. The title tag and meta description are two essential building blocks of any piece of content on this site. By optimizing these two elements for every post, you can drive more traffic to your site as well as make sure that your local ranking stays high all year long.

Make content shareable and social media friendly 

Sharing content on social media is essential for SEO and in order to get the most out of local rankings. The content must be relevant to the business and informative. Some business owners are having difficulty in getting their content shared on major platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Here are a few tips and tricks for businesses that want to make content shareable and also increase their rankings on local search engines.

  • Create intriguing titles.
  • Create engaging graphics.
  • Create engaging copy.
  • Create engaging videos.
  • Create engaging text ads.
  • Include compelling testimonials from happy customers.

Summing up

We’ve all heard the old adage of Search Engine Optimization – Local SEO and Organic SEO are two different things, but there’s a lot more to each strategy than meets the eye. In order to boost your local rankings, you have to act locally. That means staying in touch with your customers and potential customers on a daily basis. It also means developing a strong understanding of the neighborhood you’re serving.