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Are Backlinks Play An Important Role In Increasing Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a common term in the field of SEO. All SEO experts know about it and give it much importance. Another thing that closely relates to domain authority is the backlinks.

If you are a student of SEO or a novice professional, knowledge about both these things is vital. Here, you can know about both domain authority and backlinks. This article also revolves around whether backlinks are vital for a boost in domain authority.

As you finish reading this article, you can have a clear idea about the interlinkage of backlinks and DA. As a result., working in the SEO field would become easier. For now, take a look at the points given below:

Domain Authority: Definition

Domain Authority is the perfect representation of the landscape related to the search results. It helps the SEO experts understand why one specific site ranks higher on the SERP. It happens when the DA score of a particular site is high. So, you can consider the DA score to be directly proportional to the ranks.

Backlinks: Definition

In the SEO field, there are different names of backlinks. Often, you can come across terms like one-way links, incoming links, and inbound links. All these are the other names of backlinks. These are links to random websites that SEO experts include in the content of a specific website. 

Web pages with many relevant backlinks tend to get a high rank. Thus, the website automatically gets a high rank on the SERP. 

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Interrelation between Backlinks and Domain Authority

As an SEO professional, you must know about the interrelation between the backlinks and domain authority. Here are the facts related to it:

1. Google does not use DA(Domain Authority)

Amazingly enough, Google does not use Domain Authority. Neither do the other search engines do it. So, it is clear that Domain Authority does not act as a ranking factor for the websites. Moz creates DA, and it is a success indicator for your domain. But again, backlinks have a prominent presence here.

2. Backlinks influence the ranks of the website

Backlink reporting shows the strength of a particular domain. Thus, you can guess if a website would rank well on the SERP. This is the only reason why most guest blogging sites use a lot of backlinks. 

Apart from DA, you can also check the backlink profile along with its health to understand if it would rank well. A proper backlink profile signals to Google that the specific site is authoritative and trustworthy. As a result, you can get a satisfactory return for the backlink building. 

As a result, you can consider backlinks to play an important role in boosting the domain authority. Well, the picture is still incomplete. It is so because building relevant backlinks is a vital necessity. You can read the points given below to know the procedures of relevant link building techniques

Ways to create relevant backlinks

Most SEO executives are aware that all backlinks cannot perform equally. However, taking the right approach can lead you to build proper backlinks. Have a look at the following ways:

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1. All backlinks must come from a trusted website

As an SEO expert providing the best guest posting services, you must ensure the backlinks are from trusted websites. Here, the concept of DA comes into play. Generally, a trusted website has a high authority level. Therefore, it can share the same with a specific site backlinked

2. The backlinked site should be topically the same

Google always checks that the two backlinked sites are typically the same. So, you must always check it. Never backlink a page on your site that has no relevance to your topic. This can dramatically minimize the authority of the site. As a result, it can lose a good rank on the SERP. 

3. Put backlinks from different websites

Consider it a good practice to put backlinks (on your site) from several different websites. This effectively helps to increase your website’s rank. The reason behind it is that Google always judges your web content as relevant to the same or multiple websites. 

So, you should not get links from the same site while working as a novice SEO professional. 

4. Avoid no-follow links

It is always important to avoid the no-follow links. In simple words, you must never backlink web content like blog comments, paid ads, and online press releases. Google considers all these as ‘Do-follow’ or ‘no-follow’ links, and linking these can prominently hamper the website ranks.

Final Words

So, you can get a takeaway from this article that backlinks play a vital role in boosting a site’s domain authority. As a professional, you must always follow the right procedure for building backlinks. This can ultimately help a site gain a good rank on the SERP and sustain it for a decent period.

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