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How to use social media marketing to improve the sale of your service/product?

Social media is one of the best places to find customers. Recent data indicates that on average, a person spends at least an hour of their day on social media; the numbers are variable in different regions. So are you missing out on a great chance to promote your product?

Obviously yes! Social media is a very powerful tool for your business and should not be underestimated. Various social media platforms have their own privacy policy but almost all of them ask for the user’s permission to record their preference. This data is invaluable in lead generation and redirecting advertisements to targeted users who will most likely be interested in your product or service. One might even say it is one of the most effective and efficient ways of marketing in the modern age. No wonder so many organizations pay huge amounts of money SMM services.

So, how to use your social media marketing to improve the sales of your products/services?

Clear bio

If you don’t know what a bio on social media platform is, we assume you are new to this game. A Bio is a short intro that will show on your profile. It cannot be more 200- 500 letters (depending on the platform) so you have to choose your words wisely.

Some tips to make the bio more presentable are

●       Be clear about what you do. Suppose you sell paper, you can say Selling papers, then what types of paper and finally shipping worldwide or details about however you ship your product.

●       Don’t be shy to use emojis, it may add a little flair to your presentation.

●       Avoid writing the bio in an article format. Instead, keep it in bullet points.

●       Always have a call to action on the bio. A call to action is a simple step that the customer can take if they are interested in your business. Such as a link to your website or to your subscription page. This will help you redirect more traffic to your website and take business outside social media and to your website. Bio is a really important aspect of social media accounts. It tells the customer what the organization is all about.

Post regularly

While all social media platforms operate on different algorithms, almost all of them follow a simple rule. The regularity of your posts dictates how many people can actually see your profile. No matter how good your content is it would not matter if only a few people are able to see it. The more you post on social media the higher your engagement rate and the better the chances are to get more people to see your posts. It is important to maintain a high engagement rate on social media platforms. As the engagement rate is the real index that indicates how many people saw your post.

Promotional contests

Althoughsocial media is a very powerful tool for promote your products and services to a large number of people. The users don’t visit social media platforms to see advertisements or organizations promoting themselves. Users generally log in to see what others are up to and in general to be entertained.

So why not turn an advertisement into a contest?

Here are some ideas about how you can do it.

●       Giveaways are one of the most commonly used methods by organizations on social media. Anyone can enter the contest by following certain instructions. Generally tagging more people or resharing the post. This helps in getting more and more people to tag and share the post. Consequently increasing the number of people seeing the post.

●       Old fashion contest is not out of fashion, just changed media. You can ask viewers to participate in creating their own content and tagging you in it. It is a very effective way of promotion, as you have to do nothing. The users help you promote your products or services. Effectively reaching people in their friend lists.

Although it is a very efficient method of promotion, it may be rendered ineffective if you don’t have a good number of following already.

Building Connections

Social media helps you target a lot of people at once. But it also means a lot of people want to communicate with you at once. It is a very simple but not easy job because as you grow the number of people following you will grow. Making it hard for communicate with everyone effectively. It becomes very hectic and may get out of hand because you will have to reply to every message you get and comment you receive. You can always choose to ignore them but it will make your customers feel ignored and you may end up losing them.  A simple solution to this problem is to pay SMM service provider. They can handle your social media accounts while you focus on running the business.

To be honest it is not difficult to run social media campaigns but the problem is you want more and more people to see the campaign and as it happens things get out of hand. It is almost impossible to maintain a business and also reply to 50 people online.

Quality content

Again users are not on social media platforms to see advertisements. An ad once in a while is fine but too many of them are simply annoying. You cannot just keep sharing your ads; you will have to work on producing quality content.

Establish your niche and take it from there. Post facts in the form of infographics to get more people to like the post. If you deal with CRM service then you should keep post facts about the CRM industry, how it works, tips to improve performances, how to get more customers.

This will establish you as an expert in the field and get more people to respect your opinion, which will definitely help your cause.

Paid advertisements

All social media platforms allow you to advertise your products and services on their interface. If you have ever used social media platforms you would have noticed them as well. These platforms take marketing one step further and allow you to be very specific about whom you want to target from age to demographic.

The algorithm of these platforms is very effective in directing the advertisements towards users who are more likely to prefer your product and services. Making it extremely potent.

And that is not all, you get an hourly report of how the advertisement is doing, how many people it engaged and the control to customize or stop it at any given point of time. All these features make social media platforms the most viable interfaces to advertise your products on.

In the end

Social media marketing is a very easy business. Even kids, above the age of 13 are doing it. But when it comes to doing it for the purpose of business growth, then it is a whole different story. You will have to consider so many factors, standardization of quality and communication. It is easy to handle social media marketing at its infancy but if you are considering growth, which any business does, you should opt for professional help in the form of a good Social media marketing services provider.

You can watch all the tutorial videos on the internet; SMM is not as simple as it sounds in those videos. It is a lot harder to implement those techniques and even more patience. SMM service providers are professionals who know how the platforms work and can help you grow systematically and sustainable manner which will help you retain the followers in the long run. In the end, the decision comes down to how you want to grow and how important you think social media marketing is for your business.

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