Digital Marketing

4 Important Steps To Take Your Digital Marketing to a Higher Level

The world of digital marketing is changing day by day, growing, progressing, setting new challenges, but also opportunities to improve your business and facilitate numerous processes related to marketing.

Of course, it is not always easy to keep up with all the changes that are happening, not only in the world of digital marketing but also in your target group, starting with their habits and needs, especially when you are just starting your business.

Therefore, you must lay a good foundation, on which you can work and successfully adapt to the pace of digital marketing, as well as to all new challenges and ventures that you want to implement.

1. Get to know your audience

Before starting anything, first, get to know your target group well. Who are they? What are their needs? What are their habits? Research necessary data – their names and surnames, because the personalization of communication is extremely important for digital marketing today, then where they live, maybe even what they do, what their financial status is, so create a profile of the person you are addressing. 

Then, what are their habits regarding social media channels? On which social network are they the most, at what time, what kind of content do they react to, what do they like, what do they share… To explore all this data, you can create different forms, and surveys, publish them on as many channels as possible where and how they can contact you, then create email campaigns, which can also be great for collecting meaningful data. 

A good idea for an email campaign is a short video, in which you can personally address the client by name and surname, then hold his attention more than any other content, and provide him with information about your brand and make the first contact. You can customize that one video according to the client you are addressing and change just the text or just the photos or just the colors and all with the help of Plainly.

2. Humanize your communication and adapt it to the channels

Personalization is very important in marketing today for the simple reason that everyone today wants to receive messages that are aimed directly at their needs. 

The attention span of the average social media user is very limited and if your messages are generic and not tailored to the needs of your customers, they will go unnoticed and have no effect. That’s why it’s an important first step to get to know your audience and their needs and to create your campaigns accordingly. 

Personalized messages are much better received and responded to today, which you can probably notice if you set yourself up as a client. You will rather respond to an email in which you receive a personalized message, with your name and surname and topics that interest you, than a general message that is sent to everyone, without any analysis of how to approach clients. 

Personalization can be right within the video, which you can create on the Plainly platform, as one of the most noticeable content. Likewise, if you create a video, for example, be sure to adapt it to the communication channels. So the same video can go on all your channels, but with different forms and lengths. While on Instagram you can play a 30-sec video on Reels, on Facebook let’s say a one-minute video like a trailer, on your YouTube channel you can play a whole video that lasts 10 minutes for example, and also share that on your website or put a video on your landing page. Each channel has its communication framework, but almost all of them adapt to digital marketing trends, which is why you should follow them and adjust your content accordingly, to achieve the greatest effects.

3. Provide useful information

In today’s marketing world, sales are not the only goal. It is much more important what kind of relationship you build with your customers, which will of course lead to sales, but above all, it will raise awareness of your brand and the relevance of your company. Therefore, educating your customers is very important and useful and should be an essential item in your digital marketing. Communicate with your customers, not only to adapt your communication and get to know their needs to further know how to offer them your products and services but above all to help them with their doubts, most common questions, and unknowns they have, when it comes to your field of business. 

Organize webinars, then expert blogs that will deal with important topics for your customers, create an option on the site, which can be some kind of form, where they can ask you questions or create surveys in which you will explore their unknowns and answer them. Furthermore, a video is always an excellent option, especially the know-how to show them, for example, the use of a new product or an expert who would present the advantages of your product, then a testimonial video where satisfied users could share their experience… 

All these ideas will show how to take care of your customers, and it will give you extremely useful data and information based on which you could create some new campaigns.

4. Activate clients

A call to action is an inseparable part of digital marketing campaigns today. Organize contests, giveaways, discounts, and benefits for old customers that bring you, new customers. Tricks like these boost your marketing, raise brand awareness, and open up the possibility of thousands of new followers.