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How to Add WooCommerce Products to Your Online Shop?

WooCommerce is the time to tackle digital goods. The WooCommerce platform distinguishes between two different types of non-physical products: Virtual and Downloadable. During this article, you will learn how to present each type of intangible product! After the WooCommerce variations plugin understanding, abstract things are virtual or each virtual and downloadable.

Here you find 3 examples to help them differentiate:

  • Although not downloadable, they are virtual. A similar consultation applies to on-line services like hours.
  • A song, associate in nursing ebook or nursing embroidery pattern square virtual and downloadable business measurement.

Now that we have cleared the difference between virtual and downloadable things, we are allowed to get it!


Here’s what you’ll get for adding WooCommerce digital products:

  • Working and updated version of WordPress. Anyone adding goods can gain administrator access.
  • A put, active and designed version of the WooCommerce plugin.

Adding WooCommerce Digital Products

  1. The first step to adding new WooCommerce digital merchandise is Add Merchandise> Add New.
  2. Fill in the title, description and product image.
  3. For the Business Knowledge meta box, wherever we call the Composite, Inventory and Advanced tabs.


  • To deal with the merchandise knowledge meta box, go to the merchandise piece on the writing screen.
  • Define product type by ticking virtual. The shipping tab may be missing from options.
  • If you are a physical product then proceed to an equal data facility: SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), tax rate. If you are providing a free service, it is possible to align the value as zero.


Naturally, WooCommerce digital trading does not require stock management. If you want virtual things accessible to associates in an infinite range of nursing, what do you want to do in Managed Stock?

However, if you want to limit which people can access virtual content, you will be able to check the box and specify which people can access it. An example where this may prove helpful is an Associate’s Access to Nursing Exclusive Webinar.


You can do this here:

  • Add notes for shopkeepers. In these, you will be able to get your WooCommerce digital goods or provide them to add additional data. If the stuff requires an additional step, you will additionally be able to add a relevant link, such as authentication for membership.
  • Choose whether you are allowed product reviews on the item.
  • Choose if you want to follow the order selected in the archive pages.

Click update and finish, thus all changes you make are about to be saved.

Some useful tips for providing membership:

  • A WooCommerce subscription requires regular payment on consignment.
  • The group, which in its free version, allows you to manage the viewpoints of guests accessing completely different pages of the site.
  • The premium team will integrate each add-on for WooCommerce add-ons.
  • Another option is creating a user account for membership buyers.

Add Downloadable WooCommerce Digital Business

Allow downloadable WooCommerce to be transferred to digital goods. While the fitting of easy digital things equals the right change for physical people to download. Configuring them can be very little completely different, as you got for specifying the transfer method.

  • Go to the consignment as you did before> add new.
  • Write the business title and outline, and add the corresponding image.
  • On the Business Knowledge Meta box, tick each virtual and downloadable one. Once again, the shipping tab may disappear.


After selecting downloadable merchandise, the General tab increases. In addition to the same old option for the convenience of price, SKU and tax data, you have to get the details of the transfer method.

There are 2 ways to square the line for downloading WooCommerce digital products:

  • Upload the file to WooCommerce. This selection is great for small downloadable gifts, as you will be able to host them internally.
  • Add a link wherever the client will transfer the file. If the downloadable file is huge, hosted elsewhere or already uploaded to the WordPress Media Manager, this may be the most effective selection.


Here, apply an equivalent logic as outlined in the Virtual Merchandise section at the top.

  • Do you need to download an associate product to an infinite range of visitors? Disable stock management by unchecking stock management?
  • Do you have to limit the number of downloads, as if you are a commerce e-ticket? Enable the feature and specify it as you wish.

Linked Products

As soon as you have the convenience of downloadable WooCommerce digital business-related stuff with physical people, it is attainable. Such items are virtual or physical.

  • Attributes

Define the nuances of a downloadable item by victimizing the features you already designed.

  • On the Custom Product Attribute drop-down box, select the attribute that you will use.
  • Select Add.
  • Specify the worth field and so choose the relevant word from the drop-down box.

If you already want to include new features other than gifts, choose custom product attributes, and keep the data related to the new quality. Keep in mind that these are class measurements and not relevant terms. Click on the add, and you will have a new taxonomy!


Once again, here you can:

  • Add notes to get buyers when downloading.
  • Choose whether you are allowed to review.
  • However, you want to select the items on the collection pages.
  • Now, click on Publish: You have uploaded your first downloadable product!


You are currently able to sell all types of WooCommerce digital goods. Understanding how managing virtual things is essential whether you are adding them for free in the shop or as cornerstone material. This method is somewhat like adding physical items, completely you are not ready for shipping and want a link to download.

Read a lot on our WooCommerce tutorial section and it is easy for you to manage top-notch WooCommerce. At Bright Vessel, we’ve got expertise with this well-liked WordPress plugin, and we’ll help you navigate it. Make lots of conclusions related to our WordPress and WooCommerce rates and services on our website!