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How do you effectively Develop a WhatsApp-like app in 2022 

In today’s time, chat messenger apps are being used and the popularity of chat messenger apps is increasing day by day. We all use many chat messengers like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc. to count first. Because messenger apps have become an important means of communication and play an important role in everyday life to stay connected, all people use messenger to share some kind of information among themselves. Most people also use messaging apps to grow their businesses. That’s why it has become important to us.

Usually, people are using WhatsApp messenger. Although there are other messenger apps besides WhatsApp, it is quite user-friendly and also very easy to use. In addition to setting up social networks, chatting in real-time, and sharing information. For this reason, it is more popular

If we think of developing a new app similar to WhatsApp, it will certainly be exciting. Human communication will continue to bring such new apps in the coming times. So creating a messaging app can be very beneficial for you. 

If you want to make a good messenger app that will be able to do the same or better than WhatsApp, then it is definitely going to be challenging. You will need a wide range of information and software work. It will take time to make a good messenger but it will also be a lot of fun.

WhatsApp Clone Development 

Before you create a new messaging app, the question is why you should create it and it is also necessary that your messenger app should be liked by the people. For this, it will be necessary for you to provide the desired functional capabilities and optional features of the people while creating the chat application. You can add many new optional features to make it a good messaging app. Like more security, brand new themes and user-friendly features, etc.

Here we will give you information about how to develop a WhatsApp clone. You will be able to make a good WhatsApp clone by following the instructions given by us. Let’s know how you can do WhatsApp clone development- 

How To Do WhatsApp Clone Development 

To do WhatsApp clone development, you have to provide facilities with many features and features. The use of WhatsApp clones is increasing very fast all over the world. Since WhatsApp clones are becoming available with more features, due to this they are increasing their dominance in the app development market. Almost many apps like Whatsapp are being made and they are being liked by users in more than 180 countries. In the coming markets, WhatsApp clones will get the maximum market.

The most important part of making a Whatsapp clone is your budget. If you are ready for a good investment, then creating a better option with a WhatsApp clone will definitely be effective. In Whatsapp clone, you must make it user-friendly. You can give it an attractive look by adding new features on different screens. Also, your developers need to add new features.

How to develop an effective clone

You can make a good messaging app with the help of app developers. Along with adding new features, you must work to give a new look to the whatsapp clone. Your WhatsApp clone should have the following features-

  • You can try adding new ways to send messages. Like how to send messages, read receipts, etc.
  • The chat interface can be replaced with new features such as message copy selection, message delivery interface, and copy-paste interface, etc.
  • Audio messaging features, document share, location share, send and receive photos and videos.
  • Delete and retrieve chat history. Adding a new feature to delete chat messages.
  • Ease of sending emoji, stickers, and gifs with new features. Sending emoji in larger or smaller sizes.
  • Whatsapp voice call, WhatsApp view, Whatsapp booking service, payment integration, location, and QR code.

While creating a Whatsapp clone, you should also keep in mind that user privacy is maintained in it. Apart from this, you will also need to add new features. On the basis of these new features, you will be able to attract new users.

  • You can add ticket booking facilities, online ordering methods, etc.
  • In this you can also add the feature of online shopping. This will make it attractive.
  • You can add the facility of hotel booking, movie ticket booking, net banking etc.
  • Different types of theme options, color themes, etc.
  • You can add new features like Conversation screen style, action button, prifle style etc. 

You can also add different types of new features by yourself so that it can be liked by more people. You can also develop and add options like themes, icons, privacy and other features like way of showing date & time, chat storage etc.


You can easily develop a WhatsApp clone in this way which can be appreciated by the people. WhatsApp clones equipped with new features are attractive, so people will like it more. You can attract users to your app by adding these new features.

If you add these features then surely your whatsapp clone will become very good. We can hope that these features will help you make a good clone for you.