How Can You Keep A Website Crowded With Visitors?
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How Can You Keep A Website Crowded With Visitors?

If you are wondering how to get a website crowded, here are ten effective techniques that you can try! If you do it right, the results will be seen as significant.

1. Guest Post On An External Site

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Using a site with a WordPress CMS, you can use the blog function for content marketing techniques. This is good enough from a marketing strategy standpoint.

However, when focusing on how to get a website crowded, or get site traffic to increase, guest posting can be a pretty good opportunity.

Guest posts, or Guest Posts, are just content that you publish on other people’s blogs or sites. This allows you to reach new viewers, and make connections with those who have higher positions of authority in your niche or industry.

To start with guest posts, you must reach a blog that appeals to the type of audience you want to target. Instead of just sending the complete article straight away, give a written editor with a summary of the topics you want, and give them a chance to approve it first. This increases your chances of being published successfully (and saves you from wasting valuable time).

2. Repost Your Old Content

When you run a blog, the temptation is, focus only on making new posts, and try to circulate it as much as you can.

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However, if you are trying to find a way to get your website crowded or get potential traffic, try again to look at the content for longer.

In short, the more time a blog post is published, the less attention it receives. To overcome this, you can repost old content to capture more readers over time.

Or, you can update some obsolete posts. And insert new material, so it becomes fresher. 

3. Use The ‘Skyscraper’ Technique

Another great way to get your website busy is to focus on quality content.

High-quality pages and posts, more opportunities to be shared, and encourage people to read more and come back in the future.

‘Skyscraper technique’ is a popular and effective way to create content that increases traffic. In short, this involves searching for existing content with many backlinks. Then create something similar but better.

guest post website - letsaskme

Make your work longer and more comprehensive, better quality, or more sophisticated. Basically, anything that drives people to link to yours.

Remember, even so, your post must still be original, especially if you want to avoid duplicate content penalties.

4. Update Your Content Regularly

We already talked about how old content might not get the attention you want.

Fortunately, it’s possible to learn how to get your website crowded, which can be done through your old post. Not just new and shiny.

To do this, you can update some of your old content. This allows you to extend the life of your best posts.

Also, this is very good for your site’s Search Engine Optimization (SEO), because ‘fresh’ and relevant content tends to get a boost.

So, look at your archives, and find posts that can benefit from changes. You must update earlier references also.

This makes the content ‘green’ – i.e. posts that will remain relevant regardless of the period.

5. Important Metadata Addition In New Posts/Pages

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of changing the content of your site, becoming better understood by search engines.

This makes SEO the main driver of traffic because it influences how often your content is recommended in relevant searches.

However, SEO is not just about using keywords in your blog posts (although this is also an important technique).

It’s also about optimizing ‘behind the scenes’ metadata. This includes every SEO title and meta description, as well as ‘alt text’ images and other details that are important to the search engine bot, even though human visitors have never seen it.

Plugins that focus on SEO like Yoast SEO, help you optimize this information.

Also, the Yoast developer offers a practical guide to understanding the most important types of metadata.

6. Knowledge Base Addition In the Website

So far, we have mostly talked about changes you can make to existing sites and blogs.

However, if you really want to learn how to get your website crowded, you can consider expanding what is offered.

Just to mention two examples, you might consider adding a forum and/or knowledge base to your website.

A forum can be very effective for increasing website visitors. Because encouraging people to do more than just passively consume content. You can build an entire community around your site – it’s a great way to get people back.

As for the knowledge base, they allow you to answer the most important questions of your audience and provide tools to help yourself.

Publishing a short ‘Question and Answer’ article can even help you appear in Google’s ‘answer box’ – another important traffic driver.

7. Post Regularly On Social Media

Often, the answer to how to get your website crowded depends on increasing your visibility and reach.

By posting regular updates and sharing blog content, you can get the attention of a new audience. Consider social media to promote your content.

If you have or Create a WordPress blog, you can easily share your posts using the Revive Old Posts plugin.

This tool allows you to automatically share updates on one or more social platforms, every time you publish a new post. This allows you to more easily remain active in your social account, and drive traffic to your site simultaneously.

8. Start The Podcast

Podcasts are big business and for good reason. People like it. Because of their portability. By providing this type of content, you offer the audience flexibility in how they consume it.

What’s more, you can display podcasts on sites like SoundCloud and iTunes.

This allows you to reach a larger audience, and direct them back to your site.

You can also target certain types of listeners with content tailored to their specific interests.

Starting a podcast requires a little effort, but surprisingly it’s a beginner-friendly business from a technical point of view.

Consider uploading your episode to a dedicated podcast streaming platform, and displaying it on your own site. You can find many podcast plugins for easy use.

9. Create A YouTube Channel

Your choice for how to generate traffic goes beyond the site itself. We already talked about social media, but it would be negligent if we didn’t mention YouTube too.

It is projected that, by 2020, more than 80% of internet consumer traffic will watch online videos.

Therefore, starting a YouTube channel for your site produces two things. This allows you to offer content in a format that many people invest in, and build an audience to be directed to your website.

Actually creating a YouTube channel is simple, but to get the most out of it, you want to optimize it for search engines and promote it widely. You can also add YouTube videos to your site – giving your existing audience more value.

10. Take Advantage Of Email Marketing

Last on the list of ideas on how to make a website crowded with visitors, start using email marketing. This includes building a list of email addresses for your readers or customers and sending periodic messages.

Email marketing is a very useful tool in various ways. This helps you build stronger relationships with your core audience, and allows you to easily market new products or promotions.

You can also share interesting news and information with your customers, and immediately let them know about new content.

All of this can have a significant effect on your site’s traffic level.

Remember – if you use this as a way to get your website busy, you can include at least one main link back to your site in each email.

You might even want to track that link, to see how effective your promotion is in driving traffic.

Email marketing is affordable to get started because you can find lots of free and inexpensive email marketing services.

That’s The Way To Make A Website Crowded With Visitors!

Applying the above suggestions might require a little effort, but the influx of new visitors generated should be worth the effort.


You can also consider optimizing your website. Increase site authority through Off-Page SEO techniques. This is about how to build a quality backlink strategy.

Sometimes, your quality content sinks at the very back of the page, because it is inferior to other people’s quality content, with sites that have high domain authority.

Using the services of a Professional SEO Service might be an option so that the website is crowded with visitors from organic search.