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Guest Posting Vs Blogger Outreach

Guest blogging means your content get posted on others website. Guest bloggers give an offer to the websites, they tell about their website and how the other website will get benefit if they post their content on their website. It is a medium to increase the traffic of your website through the authority website, on which your post is posted on.

It helps you to increase the readers on your website, which get attracted by your amazing post. Guest blogging on relevant blogs not only help you to promote your website but also well establish it. There are fewer people who believe that guest blogging is quite a good idea, as it takes time to show the result. But it’s actually a very good approach.


Now you must be clear about what guest blogging is, so you should now understand what the importance of guest blogging in the digital world is.  Let me explain this with an example if a cloth brand let us take as Levis just allowed selling his clothes in his own shop and not in others especially big malls then what do you think, growth will increase or decrease compared to other clothes brand?

Of course, growth will decrease. Similarly, when a writer is not allowed to post his article on others website, the chances of growth of that writer decreases. That writer won’t be able to get expose with external world and will be always in his/her own world created by him/her.


When it comes to guest posting there are numerous advantages associated with it. Some of them are mention below:

1.  Increase traffic: guest posting always helps to increase traffic on both websites which are linked together, authority website and the writer’s website.

2.  Help to establish: guest posting helps the blooming writers to get well established, as with the help of their authority website they get highlighted too.

3.  Improve writing skills: there is no one who is born perfect in any field, similarly, it is not necessary that all the guest bloggers are perfect in writing skills, so guest blogging helps them to furnish well.

4.  Improve Social networks: there are not many people who have a good social network, but in the field of guest posting a good social networking is required, to help the blogger to have good image among the authorities and people.


Blogger outreach is a way in which a company promotes its product or services in exchange of giving free services or product to the blogger promoting it. Mostly company search for a specific type of bloggers, the one which has many followers, who can promote their product or services. So it helps the company to spread about its latest product and services which are unknown to many people.

It’s mean to reach many people via bloggers.

But sometimes even the case happens that bloggers contact with the specific company and pitch about themselves, that how they are eligible to promote the products and services. So if you are planning to do a blogger outreach, first research about those bloggers who can help you to reach people in large extent.


Now we are totally aware of what blogger outreach is. But to understand what is the significance of blogger outreach in the digital world, you have to take a look at this example. Let us assume there is an actress XYZ, and she has huge number of followers so, a shampoo company decided to contact that actress and promote its product through her.

After promotion, both of them gain profit, the company product started selling in large quantity while the actress got another set of followers. Similarly in blogger outreach, bloggers promote a specific service or company. So if you assume that there is no blogger outreach in the world then, you can imagine how difficult it will be for the companies to reach more number of people.


Now when it comes about advantage of blogger outreach than the list is too long, so in short I will explain some of the main advantages of blogger outreach:

1.  Cost productive: Marketing of any brand requires a lot of money, it doesn’t matter what is the mean of marketing you are using. But if use blogger outreach it will be not costly and easy enough to find bloggers of a specific type.

2.  Connection builder: Blogger outreach helps to build a connection with many people simultaneously; it is the simplest way to create good connections with some of the best companies.

3.  Source of backlink: As the bloggers involve in blogger outreach, automatically get the backlink from high authorities and companies. You can also take help from link building services by Degions Doing promotion for them some way or other help the blogger itself to get established.

4.  Help in promotion: there are lots of ways to do the promotion of specific brand but one of the most effective ways to be considered is blogger outreach. It not only promotes the specific product but also helps people to get aware of those services and products which can actually be quite useful to the people.

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