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Good news for WordPress developers – The best WordPress themes you can use

Do you own a blog? If so, one of the first goals of it should be to help reflect your brand. The website’s aesthetic can create brand awareness and help visitors get a feel of the industry and personality. If you created such on WordPress, then you are in luck.

There are WordPress themes that are better than others. Whether you have a goal of increasing engagement with your content, or it may be to showcase your content in an organised way; we will show you a list of WordPress themes going well with blogs.

These themes are recommended by specialists from a leading web development agency in the Saudi Arabia.

Business and branding oriented WordPress themes you can use

For bloggers intending to impress their users and visitors with unique, organised and aesthetically pleasing WordPress blog layouts and themes; they are in good fortune.

These WordPress themes and blog page templates have been handpicked by experts from a renowned web development company . These themes and templates will help you create a stunning blog for your business.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a personally branded WordPress theme, the best WordPress themes needed by lifestyle blogs, or a WordPress blog layout reflecting your industry; you are in luck.

Here are some of them you can consider for your blog:

  1. Astra

Astra self-proclaims itself as the “perfect theme for any website” on their website. This is one of the best renowned WordPress themes for blogs as it can be customised to considerable margins. Regardless of whether you sell trucks or toothbrushes, you as a blog owner will love Astra.

There are numerous things to admire about Astra. One of the best thinks is that it is highly customisable without the need for complex coding. Bloggers do not need to work with a web design agency about implementing Astra.

In fact, bloggers can manage their blogs on their own because they can customise it without any knowledge of Hyper Text Marker Language (HTML).

Astra can help you create full-width pages. Some WordPress themes cannot create full-width pages as they are not fully customisable. But Astra can be customised completely which can help you create full-width pages.

Another good fact about Astra is that this theme is made for faster speeds i.e. it has faster performance in comparison to other WordPress themes.

  • Bento

Bento is quite a powerful WordPress theme for blogs. It allows users to be flexible with their blog’s design. It has a responsive layout and users can enjoy it on any device. It is also optimised to run at faster internet speeds.

Here are some few things blog owners will love about the Bento layout:

Bento provides an array of icons. Users who love customisation will love the fact that Bento offers 500 high quality vector icons for them to use on their blogs. Bento offers an advanced integration of WooCommerce, especially for those wishing to create an online store.

Bento itself helps users implement best SEO practices and it is understandable that blogs are nothing without proper search engine optimisation.

  • Revive

Revive has an impressive rating of 4.88 out of 5 from its users. Revive has loads of header layouts, an improved menu layout and multiple social icon styles. It is equipped for 4k display which will make it aesthetically pleasing. 

Revive has an unlimited variety of colours which will take users hours in deciding the best fit. The sidebar options are among the best as well because it helps users place the sidebar either left or right, or no need of it at all.

  • Satori

Satori is a really beautiful blog layout for WordPress that is good with imagery. It is highly customisable and works best with blogs utilising loads of images and offers gallery options.

Satori has a drag and drop feature that allows users to drag and drop page elements without the need for coding. The blog layout options are customisable, they can be alighted, aligned to the top, or both. There are loads of additional blog layout options to help ensure the blog is as unique as the brand.

Satori can be integrated easily with popular plugins that can make life easier.