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Free & Paid Guest Posting Website List 2020

Writing is no doubt one of the best ways to express your ideas, thoughts and opinions. For this, people often do blogging or write for guest posting. But do you know what Guest Posting is?

Well, Guest Posting can be described as a form of writing in which people write and submit their write-ups to someone who owns a website or blog. You basically write content and publish it on a person’s or organization’s website or blog.

The guest post is usually under the name of the writer who wrote it. This then helps you in gaining the ownership of your write-ups.

But apart from writing and publishing, it is more like a medium to build your brand where you can post your self-written content on a website or blog dealing in the same niche as yours.

Why Do People Choose High DA Guest Posting

  1. It is one of the best off-page SEO activities that can boost traffic to your page. This is because people going through your guest post will eventually come to your website and will go through your content or products.
  2. You will get the audience and a good response to your website and blog.
  3. Your website will receive a domain authority that will in return bring you some genuine and loyal followers/subscribers.
  4. When you share your guest post content on your social media platforms, it helps you in creating a social media presence and gaining an audience from there as well.
  5. This is good for those who are struggling to get online recognition for their products and services.

There are many guest posting free websites where you can do the blog submission. All you would need is to identify a site that has a similar niche as yours. Once you are able to find one, you can contact the owner and propose your idea of guest posting.

Initially, things may not seem beneficial to you but eventually, you will be able to create your online presence and gain some loyal audience.

Free Guest Posting Sites in India, the USA With High Traffic
Guest Blogging Sites List
Guest Blogging Sites List

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