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Digital Marketing Automation Trends

Business-to-Business (B2B) and emerging marketers are fast embracing innovative digital marketing automation strategies to have a competitive edge in the vast virtual business front. Repetitive tasks such as social media posting, sending e-mails and updating content on web pages requires functional digitalization of the data being sent or posted.

To attain the best results, the marketers ought to take their time to keenly research and opt for exceptional digital marketing automation trends that will ideally help them reach out to their targets. It is, therefore, essential for the marketers to identify and apply digital marketing automation approaches that are interactive and have the propensity to yield impressive impact.

Efficient Digital Marketing Automation Trends

The following are the top five digital marketing automation trends and ideas.

1. Interactive Digital Marketing E-Mails

E-mail marketing has been useful for years in reaching a wider audience at an affordable cost. However, over time evaluating its impact has not been easy since most of the e-mails are often considered as spam and end up not read.

To nurture good leads interactive and well-designed e-mails and automated campaigns have turned around this negative perception, and the majority of the people and businesses are fast beginning to appreciate e-mails. Some of the interactive elements that make the automated e-mail campaigns attractive are the use of videos, GIFs animations, games, pop up banners and quizzes. 

2. Use of ChatBots

Chatbots have become one of the valuable ways to reach to customers and respond to their needs. Most of the businesses with a presence on various social media platforms are using the chatbots to optimize their marketing automation processes.

The results have been impressive as their customers are kept engaged and concerns addressed. Digital marketers should take advantage of the potential of the chatbots and improve them so that they can effectively use them to close business deals as theyreach out to a broader audience.

3. Efficient Management an Integrated Customers Shopping Experience

Consistent customers experiences while shopping make them trust a brand. Most of the loyal customers play a significant role in promoting business brands that give them exceptional satisfaction.

Most of the customers who shop online are currently opting for multi-touch points, making it difficult for marketers to sustain consistency in their products promotion processes. Through the interactive digital marketing automation trends, the marketers or businesses can easily evaluate the key customers’ access points.

The evaluation ensures that they deliver consistent valuable information promptly to help the potential shoppers make meaningful decisions before purchasing the business products. Logical, well organized, and integrated marketing channels help in reducing confusion and augment closing of business deals.

4. Appropriate Use of Multi-Channel Messaging

This is one of the best digital marketing automation trends that have been confirmed to be valuable to reaching out to a wide audiance if properly managed. It involves the use of Short Message Services (SMS), Voice Messaging, Push Messaging, and E-mails to promote products, services, brands, and businesses.

 To ensure that the marketing system is highly optimized it can be adapted to allow interactions between customers and business staff. The mechanization of multi-channel marketing has made it possible to manage a campaign of enormous magnitude without compromising of the quality of content.

5. Automated Predictive Lead Scoring

 Manual lead scoring is cumbersome and is not time-bound. Automated predictive lead scoring is a unique result and of the results driven digital marketing automation trends. Automated lead scoring eliminates multiple calls or inquiries made by the sales team to reach out to their leads.

Through the automated systems, a high number of leads can be reached to and an accurate prediction of the quality of the leads. The automated lead application helps in evaluating the potential customers purchasing behaviors and the level of urgency in regard to the acquisition of the products.


Understanding digital marketing automation trends is critical in establishing the right product, services, brands, and business promotion approaches. A critical analysis of the trends enables marketers to identify and opt for the trend that will perfectly apply to their circumstances.

Any business that wants to remain relevant and have an impressive presence across the virtual business interface must embrace the innovative digital marketing automation concepts. Get in touch for professional digital marketing services in Singapore.