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Best Tools to Display live twitter feed in events

Displaying social media feeds in big events, or on websites is a trend nowadays.

Thus, organizers keep their eyes on such tools that could display the user-generated content from Twitter, Facebook or Instagram in the form of a widget or a display wall on a business website or in events respectively.

We have multiple tools that are capable of displaying real-time content. But a very few looks compatible with all the social media networks.

Below, you will find different tools to showcase live twitter feed at events or on your business website. The tools include those which are dedicated to Twitter or compatible with other social media networks as well.


Everwall is a wall builder, capable of fetching social media content from Twitter and Instagram only.

Having a twitter feed ready to use, you can display your content on events with Everwall with all the necessary features like-

  • Content curation
  • Making announcements
  • Data analytics which includes user engagement stats, visitor count and many more relevant statistics, etc.

Many tools like Everwall, dedicatedly work on Twitter only. The reason behind it is Twitter has a limit set for its content either it is text, image or a video.

That factually becomes easy to manage the not so large-sized content.

  • Hootfeed by Hootsuite

We recognize Hootsuite as a top social media monitoring tool, but not more than that.

Well, it has ruled the industry with having almost 20 percent of top corporate companies like KRDesign, IBM and H&M as its users.

And, is one more time ready to reign the market with its twitter aggregator tool ‘Hootfeed’.

Hootfeed is confined to Twitter only for now because, statistically, Hootsuite has more users for Twitter than any other social media network.

You can fetch any hashtag or a particular account from Twitter and build a twitter feed to display in an event.

Displaying a twitter feed having real-time content is attractive. But if it is a Q&A session running on a display wall, it becomes more engaging in terms of user-engagement.

Hootfeed can capture a trending question on Twitter in the form of a Tweet, and ask users to reply.

By that, it is not only displaying real-time content, but also making the community larger through its platform.

  • Taggbox

Taggbox is a multi-dimensional social media aggregator with no limitations with any network.

Here, you can create a Twitter feed or a combination of any two feeds from any other network as well.

Moderation, profanity filters, customization to the walls, multiple display themes, are some of the lucrative features that Taggbox offers.

These features are very crucial in terms of business. Because the user-generated content needs to be curated according to its visual intensity.

Any visual that is unethical to represent in public can be moderated through its profanity filter.

Moreover to this, Taggbox is a smart product in terms of sales too.

  • Wallrus

Wallrus is an online tool to broadcast live twitter feeds.

In this, you can even customize your created feed with multiple colors and logos provided with multiple pre-set themes.

Its free version includes four types of screens to display twitter feeds-

  • A twitter stream
  • Tweets plus picture screen
  • A photo screen
  • Information screen to share via hashtag

Like all other social media aggregation tools, Wallrus is capable of doing the same, but one thing that Wallrus does in extra is, ‘It is capable of displaying advertisements along with Twitter feed’.

Not all other tools offer this functionality.

  • Tagboard

Tagboard is an all in one social media aggregation tool with a wider scope. It can also grab the user-generated content not only from Twitter but from all the social media networks.

It can display the real-time content on events along with other lucrative functionalities like announcement making, broadcasting, notifying the audience for the upcoming event and making them curious to watch it with double excitement.

The reason why over ten thousand companies from different sectors are using it as a display tool is its multifaceted operational ability.

Including sports, media, e-commerce, and whatnot, companies are using it today to promote themselves in big events through a social wall.

A conclusive statement with Twitter wall benefits

Above, are some of the trending social media tools of all types, that can assist you in displaying twitter feed in events.

Displaying walls of user-generated content is a part of the latest marketing strategy, but segregating for Twitter only has a separate plus side.

Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are the most influential social media networks in the digital world, but as far as genuine content is concerned, Twitter is a leading network.

Thus, showcasing genuine user-generated content gives another level of user-engagement irrespective of the amount of the content. Email Tracking Tool

Facebook and Instagram, in terms of content availability, are quite heavier than Twitter, yet Twitter has a potency to grab a more quality audience and enhance user-engagement than the other two.