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An Introduction To App Marketing

Marketing has become the backbone of any business enterprise. Without a sound and concrete marketing strategy, the business is surely going to miss the market that it can surely capture as targeted. With the advent of digitization in almost all the spheres of our daily personal and professional life, the tactics of marketing have experienced a major shift from offline to an online mode of reaching out to existing and prospective clients. Mobile phones, which once were a distant dream for the common people, have now penetrated the market so deeply that now it is available in each and every family across the globe in its most advanced form i.e., the smartphone.

What is Mobile App Marketing?

Enterprises are making their business processes more digitized and automated to outplay the other competitors in the business’s battlefield. Hence, delivering the products and services through mobile and desktop-based applications is becoming a very powerful trend. Thus, connecting and engaging with the audience through mobile applications, before they become a loyal client and post successful conversion of the leads is referred to as Mobile App Marketing. It has become a specialized concept and the most sought-after profession owing to its high popularity.

Need For App Marketing

The business market is becoming highly competitive. Companies have been working relentlessly to compete against each other. App Marketing is gradually becoming a necessity because of the following reasons-

  • Existence of multiple brands offering the same products and services.
  • Meticulously improving upon the existing products and services based upon the feedback and aspiration of the clients.
  • The race to launch new and innovative products and capture the market before other brands can replicate the launched products and influence the audience’s sentiments.
  • App marketing can be personalized and is more effective.
  • Easy to assess the feedback and respond accordingly within a short span of time.

Achieving Effective App Marketing Strategy

App marketing can be highly useful and productive, provided it is implemented in the right way and at the right time. One or more app marketing strategies can be applied simultaneously to boost the campaigning. Following are the different marketing tools that can be utilized to enhance the app marketing-

  • Before launching a mobile application, it will be highly fruitful to spread the word via various third-party applications that hold control over the targeted market segment. A lot of applications are already being used by millions of people for different purposes. Hence, smartly and carefully filtering the applications that can appeal to the prospective client’s utility either directly or indirectly is a good idea. For example, an application intending to sell stationery items can advertise itself over online teaching and gaming applications. 
  • Collaborating with different print and electronic media is a smart way that can help grow the business. There are a lot of more social networking sites both for professional and personal purposes like WhatsApp, Linked In, Facebook, Pinterest, dating apps, gaming apps supporting personalized chatting features, and many more. Each of these is serving a diverse segment of the market. Hence, taking advantage of their paid marketing subscriptions is surely hitting a hammer on the nail. 
  • The most intelligent way to market the application is to develop an intuitive and interesting website for the intended mobile application. Merely, having a mobile or desktop-based application does not really appeal to the customer’s sentiments. Customers want a trustworthy and authentic application that is safe to use and does not compromise the security of the data stored on their mobile. Hence, having a website is a very effective way of communicating about the business background, products, services, and business policies in depth.
  • Very similar to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the websites through content management, the marketing team can take advantage of the feature known as App Store Optimization (ASO). It is the prerogative of the app owners to make efforts to get their app listed on the top in the app stores supported by different app stores such as Google and Apple. It can be achieved by complying with a set of rules that encourages them to adopt certain creative and original features in their applications along with some useful and positive feedback or ratings.
  • The mobile applications can work wonders for both the user and the company that owns the app. As it becomes an indispensable medium of communication between the two and subsequently with the others who have not even installed and used the application. The app can support the push notification feature so as to help the user with important updates. These notifications can be complemented with the company’s logo and other marketing stuff. For example, sending an important product update the client has been waiting for long or wishing the client upon his birthday or anniversary with a personalized note. Surely, these are emotional tactics but really very powerful.
  • The in-app messaging system in the applications can be even more spontaneous when the user is logged into the app and using it. The user feels a sense of belongingness and can be influenced emotionally for a long-term association.
  • Incentivizing the users for their loyalty can be no less than a big reward. Giving discounts on the products and services they are buying or giving them seasonal or occasional vouchers are some very intelligent and smart techniques to keep the business growth healthy in a market where there are multiple competitors offering the same bunch of items. The affiliate marketing technique is also very useful as the existing users can coax their family and friends into using the application for a promised reward. 
  • It is necessary to realize that the tactics for app marketing as mentioned above cannot work in isolation. Hence, at every step, there must be a proper channel to address the client’s issues and subsequent resolution of the same. It can work as enforced marketing about the brand’s commitment to quality products and services.

Thus, there can be a multitude of app marketing strategies that can be utilized to give the business a winning edge over others. In the era of globalization and increased dependence on online connectivity, mobile app marketing is really an important mechanism to connect with the audience.

Author Bio:  Venkatesh C R

Venkatesh is a serial entrepreneur with a distinct passion for taking nascent businesses to great heights. An early entrant in mobile application technology, Venkatesh grew his flagship company, (DCI) to be recognized as one of the world’s leading digital marketing, web, and mobile app development & marketing companies. 

An Introduction To Mobile App Marketing
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An Introduction To Mobile App Marketing
Marketing has become the backbone of any business enterprise. Without a sound and concrete marketing strategy, the business is surely going to miss the market that it can surely capture as targeted.
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