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8 Killer Marketing Ideas for Small Business Startups

There may be many challenges that a small business startup may face. For starting a small trade, the average cost is $30,000 as estimated by the Minority Business Development Agency (MBDA). But some businesses may be started by using less money than this. Also, after starting your trade you have to pay your employees a good amount of money per month. In addition to these operational costs and money for raw materials is also required. For marketing and advertising, a big amount of money is required.

Now I will show you 8 marketing ideas for small business startups.

  1. Refer to a new customer– You should make a strategy by saying to your customers that we will give you a nice discount if you refer to a new customer about our business. By using this strategy, you will increase your customers in a much faster way. You should give some reward also to a customer who has referred to the maximum number of customers in a month. This is a perfect marketing strategy for your trade.

2. Spread your business information through the newspaper- Most of the people read newspapers daily. You can put the information about your business in a press release. When people will read it, they will know about your trade or brand. With this, you will increase the customers for your trade-in an inexpensive way.

3. Use of content marketing- You should start a blog on the website giving information about your business. The way of writing it must be so good that people always want to read it. Always put new information and new things about your business in the blog. In this way, you can build the reputation of your brand and also receive a good amount of traffic.

4.SEO of the written content– While writing content for your business you should put some effort in its search engine optimization (SEO) also. If you are a beginner then doing SEO may be difficult for you. But you will learn to do it with little dedication and reading. To increase your site’s traffic, you can take the help of a tool known as Moz’s Keyword Explorer. Putting content of good quality is also a part of SEO. It needs a big amount of time but it will benefit you in a very good way.

5. Making use of Social Media Marketing- By the proper use of the time you can be perfect in social media marketing. You can do it free of cost. Instagram, Twitter and Facebook are the platforms on which you have to create your profile first. Put the content that the audience will like. It should target the market. By doing this you will grow more and more connections. A large audience will be attracted to your business.

6. Proper use of email marketing– Among the strategies of marketing that are cost-efficient, an important one is email marketing. It gives 400% return on investment (ROI). By sending emails that are curated organically, you will get a good amount of money and time in return.

7. Getting traffic through PPC ads– If you want keywords for high traffic then you have to spend more money than expected for using pay-per-click. But if you are conscious about your budget then you can make the use of certain platforms. As an example, for certain ads on Facebook, you need to pay only $1 per day. But to get better results you have to pay some more money.

8. Always do personal branding– It is very much similar to corporate branding. The only difference is that it applies only to you individually. It helps in doing the promotion on social media about your expertise. The reason behind personal branding is that people have more faith in an individual rather than a corporation.

You can take the help of a digital marketing agency to have a better knowledge of marketing ideas for starting a small business.