Effective Ways To Use Youtube
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8 Effective Ways To Use Youtube To Market Your Small Business.

YouTube has 2 billion monthly active users worldwide and is considered as the second largest search engine that helps to improve SEO (Search engine Optimization) and overall business presence. It is one of the biggest and most popular platforms, incredibly a powerful marketing tool that helps to promote businesses online. YouTube is an active market that brands have the potential to tap into and gain better results.

Importance Of YouTube Video Marketing

Video contents are flexible, engaging, gives us a real-life picture, and easy to share across multiple platforms. Marketing through video content entertains and engages the audience. Marketers prefer to choose video marketing as an important strategy because it gives potentially higher ROI (Return on Investment) through multiple channels. Businesses can use videos in different formats:

  • Live video gives the best chance to get close to your viewers and works well on social channels.
  • Special guest or Influencer’s interview- While featuring guest experts, you can reuse the audio as a podcast.
  • Produce educational videos with instruction, add value to the product, and encourages users to purchase.
  • Product launch videos, Product demo videos, and Product review videos result in stronger impressions.

Youtube For Small Business

Use the SMART framework technique to create good objectives: Smart, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Creating a SMART goal will help you make sure objectives are specific, have a deadline, and practicable. To create an effective YouTube marketing strategy, start by defining your marketing goals and specific targets you need to achieve.

  • YouTube Traffic
  • Business Engagements
  • Audience Reach or Subscriber numbers

Effective Ways To Market Small Business On Youtube

1. Create A Youtube Strategy

YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms that create massive reach and immense possibilities for increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic, and generating more sales. Create a YouTube strategy to develop new video content consistently. For any business, the basic plan would be making more leads and conversions, driving more traffic, and improving business engagements.

2. Optimize Your Youtube Channel

YouTube channels are better at grabbing audience attention, and most people prefer video tutorials or reviews to make purchasing decisions. Before uploading videos, customize your YouTube channel to create search-friendly for users and also benefit in SERP rankings.YouTube allows you to add overlay text and use them for the call to action in your videos.

  • Optimize your profile: Add Eye-catching profile image,keyword-rich bio, and add URL links of your websites and social profiles. 
  • Choose an appealing title with the right keywords
  • Create your custom thumbnail. Choose a freeze-frame to use as a video thumbnail.
  • Write a compelling video description with links to your website, list of hashtags and social media accounts
  • Curate your video playlist with a logical progression of ideas from one video to the next video.

3. Know Your Audience

Learn about your audience through quantitative insights on your channel in view counts, average watch time, interaction rate, and revenue generated. YouTube business channel gives access to the analytics tab containing valuable data on subscriber’s demographics. Tracking audience analytics would help to move beyond assumptions and creates confidence in reaching the target audience.

The YouTube community page also helps in finding the right audience. Interact with your subscribers directly, post a question, and create a poll to gain a deeper understanding of your audience’s interests.

4. Showcase Your Business On Youtube

Video content is mentioned to be the central part of outreach and campaign efforts. Businesses use video content to promote and market their brands or services to increase popularity, educate consumers, and reach the audience with the new medium. Some of the content ideas that most brands prefer to gain credibility are:

How to videos These are instructional videos that can be used to teach your consumers and build foundational knowledge about your products or services.

Behind the scene content Behind the scene, content videos drive traffic to your website and significantly increase word of mouth advertising.

Product tutorials- Showcase your product and create product tutorials to help the current and future customers understand the value of your products.

Build hype through product teasers- Showcase your upcoming products and build excitement among customers

Product launch- Create a great start and emphasize the features of your unique products.

5. YouTube Video SEO

YouTube has its search bar, and the ranking factors would differ when compared to Google. The top-ranking factors for YouTube videos are: Subscribers count, User impressions (Likes, Comment, share, subscribe), Video length, and Video watch time. Focus mainly on these ranking factors to enhance your search presence. As mentioned above, Profile optimization also plays a vital role in YouTube video SEO. The first 15 seconds of the video is the ideal portion to optimize, and viewers would decide whether the video is the real deal.

6. YouTube Advertising

For small businesses and marketers, YouTube advertising represents a huge opportunity to get in front of more people. Attract more consumers and generate revenue for your business through video ad content.

Non Skippable Ads: Non Skippable ads force people to watch and can only be 15- 20 seconds long. Create good content and target effectively. It also helps in gaining better engagement and also has a higher video view rate.

Skippable Ads: Skippable Ads are True view ads. On these Ads, a small skip button will appear at the bottom of the video. Inspire the audience to watch the video till the end through creative and quality content. There are two types of Skippable ads: In-stream Ads and In-display Ads

7. Learn From Competitors

Learning from competitors is a crucial business strategy for any successful organization. Analyze your competitors to identify their strengths, business tactics and adapt your plan accordingly. Most businesses prefer using social media service providers like Flymesocial to gain more potential followers. When you analyze your competitor’s success, mistakes under your strategy can be identified and cleared.

For example, if you are running a cosmetic business, the audience in your competitors of the same niche will more likely follow your brand page. Concentrate on hashtags insights, type of promotion, and listen to customer feedback and suggestions.

8. Analyze Your Performance

Analyze your business performance to measure, manage, and maximize your effectiveness and optimize your ROI (Return on Investment). Views are essential metrics for determining the success of your videos. Always keep an eye on real-time reports each time when you upload or promote a new video.

Develop a successful YouTube marketing strategy to promote your business and gain a better Return on Investment. Identify your Traffic source and respond to comments to build brand authenticity. Create a detailed report analysis each month to find what strategy works best and what needs improvement.