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5 New Trends in Android Development

The increase in phone usage has seen a surge in the past decade and it is not just phone usage but smartphone usage. Smartphones have become a very basic necessity in today’s scenario where everyone is tech-savvy. With the increase in smartphone usage, there is also a demand for mobile application developers. And this is a fact that the applications used mostly are based on the android operating system. So, technically android is something that has become a common word when we talk about smartphones. With the display and design, the applications that run on the smartphones should also be compatible with the newly developed versions and updates as per the smartphone features should also be available on time for a better customer or user experience.

Android development is seeing forward the new challenges and with the technology taking a new step ahead there is a need of bringing the change and adding up something new in the system to make it more exciting and also demanding. Android development can be learned by experienced instructors and they are aware of all the new trends of the market making it easy for the trainees to understand and work on the operating system to develop something new.

Understanding the Mobile Application Development

Mobile application development is the software development that can run on the mobile phone. The mobile application can be of any sort be it informative, relaxing, eCommerce, business, or so on. Every application has its need and needs to be designed in such a way that it works and shows compatibility with the device. Mobile application development has its own challenges and there are specific steps that need to be followed before the application development.

Steps for Mobile Application Development

The steps for mobile application development are as follows:

Research: The main step and the most important one is to research on the part as to what should be the purpose to create the app. For this, specific research is required that shall contain the complete idea of what kind of app is required, does any app related to it already exists?  

Prototype: This step is followed after the purpose of creating the app becomes clear then comes prototype development which is kind of a first draft version, giving the first idea of how the app would look like and how it shall work.

Design and Development: The main coding part is the next step to the prototype that involves coding and writing the program that has to perform certain actions when the application is run by the user. That program should be written with comments so that it does not become difficult to make changes in the code as and when required.

Testing: A code is judged by the number of tests it clears and if it is bug-free once the coding is done, then comes the next step that is the testing of the app on various platforms. The testing is done in such a way that the app is made to run under various situations and manual, as well as automation testing, is done on the developed code to find out if any bug is there, if not then the app is good to go.

Deployment: The last step is deploying the application and making it available to the public.

At CBIts where Android training is taught under well-experienced instructors every step is practically shown.

Advancements in the Android development

Android has seen so many developments and Android Beta is the latest release of the Android that makes it very easy to design the applications on it. For the development of applications official powerful Android IDE are used and provide a very good User experience. The developers that are very much interested in working on the advancements can easily undergo Android training in Chandigarh where they get well equipped with the technology and are given complete training to work on the IDE and develop the applications as per the latest innovative technology is involved.

5 New Latest Trends in Android Development

Android training attained by the trainees also make them updated with the amazing trends that follow the android development. With the continuous user feedback and development in technology, there are advancements to be seen in every field. Some of the latest trends are as follows:

  1. Beacon Technology: The beacon technology in the market has supported the business professionals by getting them connected and attracting more customer base out of their area. They implement a push market strategy that helps them to get connected to a gadget and thus have access to the mobile device. This used the on-cloud information or the in-area information
  2. Motion Layout: It helps android developers to introduce the mobile application with amazing libraries and widget themes having animated stuff. It helps in adding the animations and creates multiple interfaces that use various animations helping them to understand the app working.
  3. Internet of Things: With growing technology, we humans are using the internet in our normal daily routine. It is simple for the developers to design the application based on Raspberry PI without even having much information of embedding the system design to start programming and developing the application. Applying IoT in mobile apps can surely be seen as getting the smart features linked to our normal life routines.
  4. Multiplatform Development through Flutter: For the developer’s flutter has made it very simple to develop the apps with a single codebase. This has made them have hands-on multiple types of applications
  5. Android Instant Apps: What could be the best than having to purchase the app but try out different games on the app even without installing the app. The developers have seen the advancements by converting the existing apps into instant apps.


Android training in the near future of coding and development and the google play store has the presence of millions of apps which makes it more competitive. It is the right place for attaining Android Training in Chandigarh