List of Five Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for Website
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List of Five Best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for Website

Planning to build and manage a WordPress website? If yes, please note that you have to deal with some privacy laws. They (laws) are as follows:-

  • California’s CCPA
  • European Union’s GDPR. 

These laws were introduced to give rights to visitors and protect data subjects. 

The main agenda for these policies was to give protection to visitors’ privacy. But, the policies add more to the “to-do” list for the business owners. 

To comply with regulations, it is better to use WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins for your website.  If you are finding it hard to choose the best one, get efficient WordPress Support. They have knowledge of working for different business verticals in different geolocation. They can assist you with WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins.

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What are Cookies? Why should you seek consent from your visitors for them?

Cookies are text files. Each time a server connects to your website, the files are created and stored as a cookie. The cookies carry and stores data like username, passwords, device type, location, etc. This is used to find your system on the network. 

Over the years, Privacy laws have become stronger and more robust. It is encompassed of how your website captures electronic data. It will also check how you store and use this data. 

Earlier, the servers could collect a lot of information about the users and their trends online. The dreadful-The users did not have any knowledge of this.

The Governments worldwide- in particular, the European Union ensured to give control to the user. Now, the user will be well aware of what data are collected and how will it be stored and used. 

The EU (GDPR) actively started working in May 2018. The legislation of Cookies consent is not restricted to the EU. In fact, The USA’s State of California works similarly on rigid protection. If the businesses fail to get the explicit consent of the user for cookies usage in jurisdictions, then they may have to face legal consequences.

Have you ever seen the Privacy Policy of any brand’s website? If yes, you might have seen the cookie policy mentioned on their privacy policy. It is not an essential requirement. But you need to state how will your website use Cookies. 

Tips to choose WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins 

Some factors that you must consider for WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins.

  • Choose WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins that give the option to choose which scripts must be banned/ not banned. 
  • Select WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins that scan the cookies automatically used on your website. The plugins must add them to the list of cookies.
  • Pick WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins that give support for multilingual websites.
  • Go for WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins that keep a track of the user’s consents and their data. It should cover all the information that the user has agreed upon.

We have listed some famous WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins to make your website in compliance. 

Features to look for in WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins 

  • Traceable consents
  • Support and updates
  • Extensive library of content blocker templates
  • Extensive library of service, etc.

5 best WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins

  1. CookieYes

CookieYes is an effective WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin that you can employ to make your website GDPR compliant. You can add your cookie banner anywhere on the website. It allows you to customize the cookie notice of your website with styles, colors, and fonts. 

Because of the support of WMPL, you can make a multilingual website. Apart from this, it does not allow cookies to carry out their work in the default mode. It will only render once upon the consent of the visitor. It is integrated with the Twitter feed, Instagram, and official Facebook Pixel. 

CookiesYes in a great GDPR compliance- WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin. It will compile your business website with the ePrivacy law of the European Union. 

2. Cookiebot

“An adept WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin for business experts”.

It has a Consent Log. This allows for storing the consent information of visitors. So, if there is a legal preceding you can save yourself with this proof. 

It comes with Cookie Declaration, stating “Do Not Sell My Personal Link”. Cookiebot blocks all cookies automatically. With its cookie-blocking feature, it can track as the visitor visit your website.

3. GDPR Framework

It is a comprehensive GDPR compliance and data privacy management plugin. It allows the visitor to view, delete, and request their personal information. 

GDPR Framework gives the upper hand to the visitor to track and manage their consent. The user can withdraw their consent anytime. 

Please note that it can be integrated with newsletters, email subscriptions, WooCommerce, etc. 

4. Termly

This WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin is packed with solutions. It has Cookie Policy Generator that creates the cookie policy automatically as soon as you categorize your cookies. 

You do not have to do any custom coding and script to block unnecessary cookies. Your visitors can set up Cookie preferences using its categories that are well-defined. 

5. User Registration

Another magnificent  WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin that can make your website complete. Many businesses have voted for this plugin for its additional features such as a “Delete Account”. 

This feature allows the user (registered) to delete their business account by themselves. It has a field to display your privacy policy. This allows the user to understand the data type your business website processes. 

With its Honeypot Spam Protection, you can save your website from malware and data breaches. 

In a Conclusion!!

Regulations and data privacy rules are tightening day by day, all for good reasons!! It is true that the implication is far-reaching for website owners. Going for a WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin on your site will make compliance less stressful and easy.

Well, here are a few of the top and simple WordPress Cookie Consent Plugins. Please remember not all plugins are up-to-date or reliable. So, make sure to choose a WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin that is lightweight.

We wish you great success in choosing the apt and reliable WordPress Cookie Consent Plugin. Good luck!

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5 Best Cookie Consent WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)
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5 Best Cookie Consent WordPress Plugins (Free & Paid)
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