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The 5 Best Examples of Manufacturing Website Design in 2022

Websites for manufacturing companies must offer technical knowledge while also displaying strong brand values. It’s not enough to be visually appealing; they must also act as a catalyst for consumers to make, smart decisions. A decent manufacturing website design improves online leads and encourages visitors to remember you and return to your site.

Manufacturing websites have traditionally served as online brochures. They’ve served as a tool for listing items and services and providing customers with something to look at when they’re considering doing business with you. The requirement for websites to give excellent outcomes has grown as marketing has progressed.

In this article, we’ll go over what constitutes a good manufacturing website, as well as a list of our top five picks right now.

What makes manufacturing websites design companies successful?

=> Clear navigation- The importance of extreme simplicity cannot be overstated. Because people’s attention spans are shorter than ever, your page must be incredibly simple to navigate.

=> Strong brand language- People’s trust in strong brands allows them to dominate competitive markets and weather market volatility better than the competition. Make it very obvious what your brand represents and explain it clearly.

=> Modern design aesthetic- Websites that are out of date reflect businesses that are out of date and irrelevant. Maintain your web design to avoid seeming dated.

=> Lead generating opportunities- There are plenty of techniques to create leads on your website besides the “contact us” page. Create high-value guides, white papers, checklists, and visualizers that users may download in return for their email addresses.

=> Good use of white space- Don’t be afraid to keep things simple. The use of white space brings attention to the essential aspects. Rather than overburdening yourself with options, only include what is most important on your website.

=> Active and high-performing blog- Blogging is the top priority for 55 percent of marketers worldwide when it comes to inbound marketing. Google provides free long-term organic traffic when content is prepared strategically.

=> Video on the home page- Face-to-face interactions are the most meaningful in life. With strategically positioned films, you can humanize your organization, promote your brand, and increase audience loyalty.

=> Strong SEO signals for search engines- Do you have a lovely website? Great! Unfortunately, it’s useless if no one discovers you when your services are sought. An excellent website gives a positive user experience while also sending the appropriate signals to search engine robots.

Best manufacturing website design in 2022

American Alloy Fabricators– Their ASME certification is prominently shown on their homepage, which is something that purchasers search for. We also like how their webpage has a distinct but clear call to action: “Start Your Project Now!” When the user clicks the link, it tells them exactly what they should do next.

Prospects will find American Alloy’s website to be incredibly user-friendly, allowing them to go where they need to go quickly and easily. A blog in their Resources section aims to establish American Alloy as a thought leader by answering frequently asked questions. We also like how their website’s design and colors compliment their brand.

Lockheed Martin Corporation– Lockheed Martin is a business that specializes in aerospace, military, security, and innovative technology, as you surely already know. But you probably didn’t realize that Lockheed Martin can also tell a good story. They’ve made their blog a prominent element of their site, rather than their products or services, so you can’t help but connect with these posts as soon as you land on the homepage and start scrolling. Lockheed Martin’s commitment to quality and innovation is evident across its website, and movies help to explain the company’s history and objectives. It has the best manufacturing website design.

M3 Glass Technologies– M3 Glass Technologies is a world leader in custom-made glass manufacturing and delivery. Video pushed over heavyweight opponents like email, blogging, and infographics as the most used type of marketing material, according to HubSpot’s 2020 State of Marketing study.

Mac Instruments– Industrial instruments are made by Mac Instruments. The dark, bold look on the Mac Instruments website makes it stand out. Each product page has a wealth of information, such as datasheets, handbooks, wiring diagrams, and more. Having a lot of quality material on your web pages, like this, can help with search engine optimization and usability.

Glauber Equipment Packaging– Glauber Equipment Corporation creates specialized skid systems, pump systems, compressed air systems, and landfill gas treatment systems, among other things. The use of color in the Glauber web design is the first thing you’ll notice. The clever use of white space creates a basic, clean look that highlights the accentuated, branding red. Their website contains a module that uses an “accordion tab,” which displays a related CTA and description when you hover over an icon. It’s a wonderful method to avoid overwhelming visitors with CTA buttons while yet making it simple to get what they’re looking for.

Final Thoughts- Industrial manufacturing website design

A strategic home base for effective industrial marketing tactics is a website that is created to be visually strong and built to boost results. While a website builder like WordPress allows you to do a lot, developing a high-quality website takes time, and you’ll almost certainly need the help of an experienced developer, author, and designer to obtain polished results.

Great websites are usually created by experts who understand how to develop a site so that it runs smoothly, write material that encourages your target audience to buy, and design a site that is comfortable to use and navigate. The Janbask Digital Desk can help you establish an effective manufacturing website design.


What is a manufacturing website?

Manufacturing websites have traditionally served as online brochures. They’ve served as a tool for listing items and services and providing customers with something to look at when they’re considering doing business with you.

What are the top 5 manufacturing websites?

The Top 5 Manufacturing Websites for 2022

Fairlawn Tool Inc

Tymetal Corp.


Lockheed Martin

Zeon Chemicals

What is the difference between web design and web production?

The process of building websites is known as web design. It includes various elements such as webpage layout, content creation, and visual design.