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Best 15 Steps Advanced Google Search For Smarter Searching

Have you used advanced google search for smarter searching? If you are looking to develop your brand presence then one must be. Also before using any of the tricks it is essential to go deep or to perform research. Top App Development Company In Delhi This helps you to acquire better results and reach.

The same is the case with a google search as well. Therefore we have come up with some of the advanced tips on Google search. By following it one will be able to get better results than those of advanced Reach.

  • Specify The Location Of The Word

Placing your keyword in a specific position can help you to acquire better results. They can appear in a title, URL, or Body text. Through this, they can get into notice and also rank better.

Now you can do segregation to which place you need to keep a particular word. You have to do a bit of research as well. This will help you to get the proper positioning of the words and help you to build your brand.

  • Accurate Wording

One of the most beneficial uses of google search is to simply search results. It helps you to search for the exact words. The role of advanced google search is to simplify your work and this will help you to get it so.

Do you remember the day when you felt exhausted jotting down those ideas in your draft book? You used the shield of perseverance to overcome the despair of procrastination. At last! You were able to complete your book. It was the best day of your life. You were overjoyed and used this excitement to vent all the sweat and resilience you went through. Well, it’s great to see you enjoying cheerful times. But not for long; do you know that?! There are key elements to look forward to. Putting ideas in a notebook to create a rough-and-ready draft is a piece of cake. Anyone expert in the English language can come up with a story to create a manuscript. The real deal comes afterward; editor’s approval, publishing, and SEO optimization. Yes, you heard that right! The latter might sound a little bit weird, but you cannot ignore the book-based SEO writing services. Either you send your book to a publisher or use an online self-publishing platform to publish it. There are several book publishing sites you can use to publish your book online. Popular sites that offer self-publishing include KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing), Goodreads, Smashwords, CreateSpace, and Kobo, among many others. However, the process of search engine optimization remains the same for all. Let’s keep it simple to help you learn the basics of SEO. This way you can help international readers find your book easily. So, without further ado, let’s talk about the tips and techniques to make your book more discoverable with SEO. 1. Create an Author’s website This is the first and foremost thing you can do to promote your book through SEO practices. An Author’s website is the foundation to keep things going on steadily. It helps you centralize a commonplace for the readers. Moreover, you can apply a specific website theme that goes with your book genre. Add colors with different gradients to keep things inspirational and spirited. You can also add chapters in the form of navigation bars to attract more potential audiences to your book. Furthermore, a website helps you gain the reader’s trust and increase the credibility of the book. You’re also in a better position for editor and publisher approvals. Besides, there are lots of benefits author web pages have you’ll get in due course. 2. Optimize SEO on Amazon self-publishing platform Book publishing can be a daunting task. But thanks to Amazon for making things easy for aspiring authors. It’s the best place to promote your book to your target audience. First, you need to optimize your book on Amazon. Use the right keywords for your book title. Use few “user searchable” keywords for better optimization. Next up is the caption of the book. Make it catchy by using organic findable keywords. Keep it precise and readable to attract readers from all corners of the world. Take your time to craft an eye-catchy slogan for your book because it’s the blurb that shows up on Google searches. 3. Avoid Black Hat SEO The head shader already sounds shady, so be watchful about what you’re buying online. Sometimes, even the best book SEO services offer counterfeit services online. Do not fall for the trap! Some of the most common black hat SEO tactics are keyword stuffing, spam, hidden text codes, unwanted hyperlinks, and linking private networks. Furthermore, Black Hat SEO persons find different ways to exploit their customers. They go against Google guidelines to promote their site rank higher on search engines. 4. Target best Book genre Keywords Keywords are crucial for all sorts of write-ups posted online. Even self-published books are no exception. No one knows about your book better than yourself. So, come up with up to 10 to 15 keywords by yourself. Google a few keywords that come to your mind on Google or other search engines you prefer. Note down the total search numbers inscribed above the search links as well as the keywords listed below. These are LSI (latent semantic indexing) keywords that are based on generic user searches. You can also use keyword search tools such as Ahrefs, SEMrush, Amazon Keyword Tool, Moz, and Google Trends. Furthermore, use selling keywords based on Google and Amazon searches. Type in the right keyword(s), and click on the bestsellers lists on Amazon. Select the top 3 to 4 books and search for their Amazon bestseller ranks. Now open the Amazon Sales Rank Calculator to check book sales for each item. This way you’ll know which keywords are selling and which ones aren’t. Thus, use these keywords accordingly for your book. Now it’s time to focus on targeted keyword strings. These are the winning points to your book. You can also call these long-tail keywords. These are based on user searches. For example, a person wants to find “the best book ghostwriter in the US.” The words in inverted commas are a common example of keyword strings. These keywords are specific searches from the user end and aren’t those general “two-word” terms. More ways to promote your Book using SEO discoverable techniques online: You can start book blogging or write blogs on several book platforms relatable to your book genre. Create book trailers to game up your book searches and sales. Create a book persona and advertise it on social media. Besides, you can create an official book Facebook page for your book. You can also use Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and YouTube to promote your book. Be active on author FAQs platforms such as Quora, ASKfm, Yahoo Answer, and Stack Overflow, to mention a few. Use customer testimonials to your book’s advantage. Trick on your readers to use keywords in their reviews. It will benefit you with SEO optimization for your book.
  • Domain Extension

If you are looking for specific domain extension results then google search will help you in this as well. It helps you to specify which type of website you want to see. Top Digital Marketing Company In Delhi This will help you to work for government, education and to those of organization websites.

  • Similar Websites

With the help of advanced google search, you will be able to find out similar websites or even words. This will work to be easier and also simplifies your process.

  • Origin Of Words And Definition

If you are looking to define a particular word then you can simply type “define:[word]”. This in turn will help you to give accurate results by google.

  • Pricing

The most beneficial point comes when you have to shop for any product. Now there are a lot of many websites which offer the same products. 

 Here google advanced search will help us to compare prices by comparing websites. In this way, we can get the appropriate results.

Now by seeking help you can get the one within your budget and also according to your needs.

  • Ask Google To Fill Blank

If you are getting the relevant word or phrase to write then here advanced google search will help you.

  • Translation

You can type translate in the search bar and then type the phrase you want to get translated. Google advanced search will complete all of your requirements within seconds.

  • Conversion

When it comes to measurement units, such as from the US to Metric systems, this can be very difficult at present time.

Not everyone is well-versed with mathematics and here google will help you. You can get all of that conversion which you might have stuck practically. So try the advanced google search here.

  • Information On Stock 

Do you often look to invest in stocks? Or do you wish to get the proper information? If yes, then here advanced google search will help you to acquire it so.

You can get proper and relevant information about the stock companies and news.

  • Calculator

You can now easily get hold of any calculation you want to. Google has a regular to those of tip calculator. You can enter the calculation in the search bar like +,-, x, and lot many to get exact digits.

  • Weather Information

 Do you want to know what is the weather forecast? Well, it is something you can connect with. You can know about different conditions of weather and plan your day accordingly.

  • Timer Facility 

You can find the timer by simply mentioning the timer in the search bar. You can use the one when you are in a need to perform some task.

  • Flight Status

Are you ready to fly, want to book tickets or get prior information? Anything can be determined by putting your request with an advanced google search.

  • Look For Different Brands

You can search for different brands as per your need and convenience. So here you do not have to step out if you are not in a mood off.

  • Also, you can get a lot many offers and deals online.

These are the top 15 steps you can follow with the help of an advanced google search. It is here to make your work easier and also to give you a lot many benefits.

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