How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Posts:
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10 Major Benefits of Guest Blogging & Links

Guest Posting is the practice of sharing a post to another person’s blog. Which are helpful in building relationships, exposure, authority, and links. Links are considered as a primary ranking factor in Google, and SEO. guest Posting provides you with the best platform for the best experience of others. 

Is Guest Posting Good for SEO and Link Building?

The answer is yes, it is good for SEO. Guest Posting remains a powerful point of online marketing. Today Guest Blogging is probably one of the best methods to build powerful links and relations.

This article will help you with valuable information on how to perform the Guest Post in the right way and minimize risks.

Is Guest Posting Good for Bloggers? 

  • Yes, this is the best place for bloggers.

Bloggers are so valuable for their audience as they want to explore different things in between the different parameters. Bloggers are tired of spending time sorting and editing posts from the outside source then Guest Post is a valuable source for generating the best valuable content for the viewers. The amazing part of using this thing is the receiving of the links within the content. But one cannot make the link until that blog is useful for the editors part.

How to Find Sites Accepting Guest Posts:

There are two ways in which you can seriously play the big game of the Guesting Posting.

1.    Prospect the web (search with Google, social media, mine resource lists, etc.)

2.    Use websites that connect publishers and bloggers.

Besides this, there are some really cool ways to find blogs for guest posting.

1. Search for Lists of Top Blogs –

On google, there are several types of the blog post options available within the list of the google search engine.

2. Advanced Search with Search Strings –

Google provides you with better search strings within the better options of the google.  With your creativity, you can able to understand the things which are used to find the best search results.

There are different amounts of combinations of the search strings which can help you in finding the best blog according to tot the desired search results.  

Few search strings are :

●  “guest author” “keyword”

●  “guest post” “keyword”

●  “keyword” in URL: contributors

●  “keyword” in URL: authors

●     in title:”guest post” “keyword”

  • in URL:”keyword” “contributor”

3. Follow People or Companies who Active for the Guest Blog:

The best way for the guest posting is that always follow all people who are consistently doing the best opportunities. Most of the people who are doing the guest blogging have shared their articles using social media profiles.

The Inconvenient Truth: Some Bloggers HATE Being Asked About Guest Blogging

Sites that do not solicit guest posts may not be open to outside contributions, at all.

It depends upon the industry, but you should be ready for a low reply rate. Good blogs receive constant emails pitching guest posts, so they may not even reply. This is especially true if you email a blogger who doesn’t accept guest posts.

Why do some blogs not accept outside content? The answer is simple – the tactic has been spammed in the past by SEOs who are not interested in readers. They send cheap and poorly written articles, only caring about the link.

Guest Blogging Improves SEO:

Backlinks –

The best effect of the guest blogging is that it simply creates the backlink for you which is directly helpful in SEO improving. Backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors in search engine optimization.

There are a few aspects of how google looks on your backlinks. This includes the domain and page authority, the placement of the link on the page, and the anchor text (the clickable part of the text).

Link Placement:

Your link will be placed within the body of the article, relevant to the surrounding context and supporting the article. The guest post generally is simple the paragraph which talks about you and your company. The author includes a link explaining their background within the bio. The link in the body is imp[ortant because It creates a more natural link – for the reader, for your website, and should support your post. It’s not only better for SEO, but it’s more likely to actually be clicked by readers.

Anchor Text in SEO:

The anchor text in a link in the words hyperlinked.

Few different types of anchor text are –

●     Branded: your brand’s name, i.e. Page One Power, P1P

●     Keyword-rich: the specific keyword you want to rank for i.e. “link building agency”, “link building company”, “link building service”.

●     Partial match: a piece of the specific keyword you want to rank for, i.e. “Page One Power is a link building firm”, “this company who specializes in links”, etc.

●     URL: the full or partial URL of the page, i.e.

●     White noise: this, here, that, link, click here, etc.

Anchor text clues search engines and users alike into what the page is about. This part can have a large impact on rankings.

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