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How projector quality affects a user engagement levels?

Business projectors and multimedia screens have been around lately. From educational institutes to professional centers, interactive projector screens are everywhere. They not only assist in giving compelling presentations but also adds the interactive factor and warmth to a session. But how about having a low-quality projector installed in your office? The scenario can be worst […]


Genset Enclosure Features And Its Types

Many generator sets are fitted with plant-installed boxes for today’s industrial (land-based) markets. Genset Canopies are made in various styles and materials depending on the manufacturer, the type of facility and the environment. Types of Enclosure: There are two types of generator enclosure–free-standing and mounted enclosures. The stand-alone containers are placed on the surface, with […]


Why Desktop Support Technician a Career Choice ?

Desktop Support Technician: A desktop support technician manages the laptops and computers/desktop of an organization. As a desktop support engineer, you can work as a member of a company’s IT team or as a technical support company with multiple customers. Everyday tasks include solving technological problems, maintaining equipment and software, and training new users in […]