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National Digital Library of India: Unprecedented Study Facility from First Class to Research

The major institutions, including voluntary organizations and government agencies, have provided online libraries. One such facility is the Government of India’s National Digital Library of India. Books, books, and reading are such a golden opportunity for any student’s career. Without which no student’s career can be termed as golden, the importance given to the faculty […]


How Do Organizations Use Pre Employment Assessment Tests?

The recruiting process involves many methods in which the skills and competencies of candidates are analyzed to select the best fit for the organization. With changing times and technology, the recruiting process has also changed. Enterprises are finding it difficult to evaluate the skills and knowledge of candidates using age-old methods. This is resulting in […]


How the Value of Educational Credentials Is and Isn’t Changing

The educational qualifications or credentials issued by colleges and universities play a defining role in the employment landscape.In fact, both relevant qualifications and adequate experience are necessary in case of gaining suitable employment opportunities.  “The newest innovations are transforming the workforce landscape at a breakneck speed. To stay updated with these changes, employers are looking […]