How To Prepare For UPSC?

How to Prepare for UPSC?

How to prepare for the UPSC exam in high stakes? It’s a tricky question with many answers. The UPSC offers free practice test papers for the upcoming test days. But you can’t just study any old test paper and expect a good score.

The UPSC IAS examination is conducted in three phases – Preliminary, Middle, and Interview. Let’s understand how to prepare for the UPSC exam in a nutshell – the first step is to get registered for the course. 

Then make sure you clear all the prerequisite tests. The number of successful candidates who cleared the preliminary exam in recent years would be a telling factor in your performance in the middle and final exams. So go for a refresher course. The next step to prepare for the UPSC examination is to prepare appropriately. You need to have thorough knowledge about every topic. 

Make use of recent topics, past topics and also complete the written section in detail. Your preparation strategy must include all the possible issues that might appear on the exam paper. Memorize all the topics thoroughly and review them for mastering the subject matter in detail.

The third and final step to prepare for the UPSC prelims exam is participating in mock test sessions. This is very useful for preparing for any examination – not just the UPSC prelims test. 

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The experts at UPSC offer free mock test courses for students, and you can take a printout of the mock test or view mock test videos from the official website to get a clear idea about the kind of questions that it will ask the test.

The fourth step in your preparation journey is to read through the syllabus well. Read the entire textbook and try to understand every topic. 

If you are not clear about any topic, ask for help from the instructor. Attend classroom lectures to understand how to proceed with the course. 

Use the study guide provided by the school to get yourself acquainted with the syllabus. The fifth step is to check your performance in the classroom. Check your good marks on standardized tests and also on papers prepared by you.  If you are confident about your learning abilities, you will study well and get good marks for your studies. If you do not have the confidence to study and get good marks, enroll yourself in any online study course.  You will be taught in an easy and comfortable environment with time management and other management tools.

The sixth step in your preparation journey is to read the relevant literature related to the syllabus.  Go through the topics taught in class very carefully. Once you have understood the subject completely, you can start rereading the relevant literature.  Apart from books and newspapers, you may want to download various online articles and tutorials that discuss the same topics. Apart from attending lectures, you can even get yourself enrolled in a tutorial course if you think that you cannot grasp the concepts learned in class. The seventh and last step is to practice what you have learned from textbooks and the tutorial course. Start practicing the topics taught in class using CDs or DVDs. 

Aspirants who are planning to join UPSC should start their career at least after completing these steps. 

It is always recommended to read good coaching articles and short stories often referred to as ‘patterns’ by students and coaches. The contents of the syllabus may differ from one school to another. This is why it is essential to consult a UPSC coach or an exam official before enrolling for any test or exam related to this institution. 

You can also look for sample questions and answers printed on the back of the packets of syllabi. This practice will help you understand how to prepare for the mains exams better. If you are serious about getting into this profession, you must be prepared from the beginning. 

The internet can be of great help in making your preparations for the UPSC examinations easier. Numerous websites offer free online coaching classes for aspirants. You can take a printout of the page to find the list of questions and answers along with the test pattern. 

Study the contents thoroughly before the exam day. Many colleges and universities also conduct mock UPSC exams for the students. To pass the examination, you will need to do plenty of computer-based practice tests, study materials, mains test papers, and UPSC study guides. 

The study material and practice exams must cover every topic taught by the examination board.  Try and get hold of the complete series of study material from the website of the UPSC itself. There are specific online coaching centers that offer courses in this discipline.  Make sure that you join these camps to get a complete knowledge of the subject and prepare well.