Live Streaming For Business

Why and When To Use Live Streaming For Business

With each passing year, technology has experienced a boost and expansion in various areas. In the current era of digitalization, technology has made it possible to watch live streams of various events whether professional, academic or brand promotions and events, on smartphones using the internet connection. A recent survey reports that a majority of audiences prefer watching video content when compared to blogs or graphic content on social media sites. Ever since the evolution of live streaming in 2015, a rapid rise has been observed in the streaming video provider online. There are various video live streaming and storage providers available in the market that offers top live streaming operation that helps any business to leverage and expand its reach.

No longer have customers waited for a satellite connection to watch their favorite sports event or catch a launch of a new product in the market. Live streaming solutions allow viewers to view the live webcast of an event happening in other parts of the world.

A battle has been on between various social media platforms to provide the best live streaming services. YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Instagram Live, Periscope are some of the most popular video streaming services that offer brands and businesses with valuable experiences. Live Streaming solutions are accessible on smartphones that make it easy for viewers to catch the live stream from anywhere anytime.

Technological advancements and live streaming have made it easier for businesses to reach a large audience base globally at a single point of time. It has given businesses a wide exposure and boosted sales leads while motivating customers to make instant purchase decisions. Live streaming is here to stay and benefit businesses in enormous ways. Adoption of the right approach and measures will help in making an impact on the audience while building their trust, resulting in a customer-brand relationship.

Why use live streaming for business?

Let’s cover why and when to use live streaming for businesses:

1. Build audience trust in a brand by connecting them emotionally

Online best live streaming services allow brands to reach millions of people in no time. Trust and transparency are the two most important aspects that customer seeks before being associated with the brand. By opting to Stream Live, businesses can build trust among their target audience by showcasing behind the scene scenarios that build customers’ trust in a brand. Nowadays, the audience tends to enjoy the raw, authentic content rather than scripted camera actions. Authentic content showcase companies transparency to the viewers that build a sense of trust among them resulting in a customer-brand relationship that later converts into brand loyalty. Live streaming solutions allow viewers to give their feedback on the video content shared which are taken into consideration by the brand, to deliver the more satisfying product a customer wants, which makes them feel valued and they become the loyal fan of a brand. Sharing candid moments of the company and webcasting events happening within the internal and external environment of a company helps in attracting more audience which was not part of your brand family earlier. Positive comments on the live stream shared on social media help in building an impression of a trustworthy brand.

2. Live streaming is a cost-effective medium

Before the evolution of live streaming, television commercials are an easy medium for brands to broadcast and reach millions of people while delivering their message. It was, of course, a costly deal. Live streaming is a cost-effective medium to reach millions across the globe.

Nowadays, businesses mostly opt for video live streaming and storage providers to webcast on most popular social media sites. Live streaming has become a big name to promote any brand cost-effectively. Any business with a social media account and a high-quality camera can easily webcast live, by opting for any most popular video streaming services available.

Many popular social media sites like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube allow businesses to stream live, free of cost, but they are loaded with some sort of adverts in between. For companies or businesses that want a professional approach in their live stream can opt for streaming video provider online, for an ad-free experience and invest in live streaming services.

3. Boosts audience engagement

Live streaming solutions have made it easy for brands to boost audience interactions. It allows the audience to add comments and likes during the live webcasts. Live streaming on social media platforms has made it easy for brands to get feedback from the customers. It has even removed the communication gap between the brand and customers and now they can interact directly with each other thereby building a customer-brand relationship. A survey reports that people tend to comment 10 times more on live videos when compared to regular recorded videos they see in social media feeds.

4. Can be shared with multiple platforms

Live streams can be shared on multiple platforms for engaging a wider audience base. Sharing on multiple platforms allows brands to find their potential target audience from where they are. It opens new dimensions for a brand to attract a new fan base that was earlier not the part of a brand.

5. Live streams are fun to watch

People love watching the video content as they are fun to watch and provide the brand message at the same time. Live video engages audiences through various interactive sessions and holds them till the video lasts. From sports events, brand events, special events, business meetings, etc. live streaming solutions keep viewers engaged and into action. Polls, contests, Q&A sessions make the experience even more overwhelming.

When to use live streaming for businesses?

1. To launch, make announcements or demonstrate the use of the brand new product

A business can opt for online best streaming services to launch, demonstrate or make the announcement of a new product in the market. Live streaming solutions make it easy for your company to launch a product and reach millions of users around the globe within no time. It encourages real-time interactions between customers and the brand while building a pan presence of the brand or product on the Internet. Demonstrating a product makes it easy for customers to understand the use of the product which can result in the sale of a product. Live streaming can even help in organizing flash sales with limited timelines which builds a sense of urgency in audiences, resulting in the instant buy of a product.

2. To share live events of a company

Live streaming solutions are generally used to live webcast company’s internal and external events. Giving an insight into your company events to your viewers, helps your business get the much-desired exposure without looking like advertising a brand. The live stream will engage audiences and will get shared with other people by your viewers. 

3. To share behind the scene look of a company

Live streaming is used by an organization to give a more authentic content to viewers. People love something raw than scripted camera rolls. Sharing behind the scene look of the company while developing a product or sharing the arrangements going before the start of an event, helps in connecting the audience with the brand on an emotional level.

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