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Trends to Follow for Eyeshadow Boxes in 2021

Brands Preference:

Eyeshadow boxes are quite an amazing packaging type that cosmetics brands use to package their eyeshadow. Most businesses like to use various kinds of graphics on them to enhance their appeal. It is possible because of the cardboard or corrugated stock used for manufacturing them. Many brands like to use various kinds of illustrations and images on them. Their finishing options have a great variety. Some brands prefer vinyl films, while others prefer metallic foil lamination in this regard. You will also find a die-cut window on some of them. Due to their customizable size and shape, customers love them. 

Vital Information:

Various kinds of eyeshadow boxes are there in the market. They differ in materials, style, and graphics. Many businesses like to use sturdy materials for manufacturing them. Most of them use cardboard or corrugated materials in this regard. Their size is easy to personalize according to the product going to be there inside. You may design them with artwork, images, or creative color schemes. Most of them have holders inside some businesses, like a die-cut window on them as well. Their styles have a wide variety. Firms like to print vital information on them as well. 

Eyeshadow boxes are essential for many cosmetics businesses. They are not just used for protecting the item inside. But also to showcase the item inside with great style. Many businesses like to customize their design and style to make them appealing and unique for the customers. That is why many types of these packages have been introduced nowadays. We will show you the top trending ones among them.  

Slipcase Packaging:

Talking about a premium type of eyeshadow packaging? This is one of the most luxurious packages. Many big brands are using this one for this purpose. This one has two parts. One is a tray that is covered by a slipcase. Most of the time, the tray has a dedicated handle made of ribbon or rope. Cardboard or high-grade Kraft paper is used for making them. It is easy to design them with alluring illustrations. The case on the top mostly has embossed or de-bossed information. 

Matching Theme Style:

Well, this style is trending these days. Many brands are using matching theme design on their packages, especially in the case of eyeshadow packaging. You will find many businesses using a color scheme that is identical to the colors of the product inside. This thing creates a unique look at the packaging. Due to this, customers can get a fair idea about the color without opening the package. That is a big cause of why this design is trending among many others. 

Packaging Box with Holders:

Custom eyeshadow packaging with holders is also trending nowadays. There are many reasons behind this one. Let us talk about their structure. These holders can be placed inside any type of packaging. That is why they do not have a specific type. Holders have the same shape as the item going to be there inside. You will also see multiple holders in case of many products are going to be there inside a single packaging. They enhance the perceived value of the item. On top of that, they are highly protective as well. 

Shoulder Box:

It is a luxurious kind of packaging for eyeshadow. Many top-class brands use this one for their cosmetic items. It is possible to manufacture them with cardboard or corrugated materials. Their shape and size are customizable. They have three basic parts. One works as a base that contains a tray, which is generally fixed with glue. And then there is a removable lid on the top. It is placed on the tray. There is a sharp boundary between the base and lid. That makes it a unique packaging type. 

Die-cut window Package:

You cannot ignore the importance of a die-cut window when we talk about cosmetic packages. It is among the top trending design not only for this type of product but also for many other cosmetic items. The window helps in providing an effective display of the product inside. Its shape is customizable. That means businesses can easily personalize it for getting different benefits. You can categorize this one among the top trending ones these days. 

Magnetic Closure Packaging:

This cardboard eyeshadow packaging type is also gaining huge popularity these days. The main reason behind this is its unique and innovative opening and closing style. A magnet is there on the edge of the lid that is going to be joined with the wall of packaging. Wall has an iron plate or a magnet at that place as well. Due to this, people can easily open and close the packaging without the worry of sealing it properly. It can seal itself without any help. That is why this one is among the top trending packages.  

It is not wise to ignore the importance of getting the right eyeshadow boxes for your products. It is because many benefits are linked with their style. That is why many businesses look for popular packaging types in this regard. We have shown the top trending ones in this regard. You can choose any one of them according to your need. That can help in enhancing the overall value of your product as well.