4 Simple Tips For Making A Smooth Switch To E-Signatures

4 Simple Tips for Making a Smooth Switch to E-Signatures

In the world today, electronic signatures or e-signatures have become the standard for the systematic flow of documents. Thus, most businesses have moved their preferences towards online channels for completing their documentation process. Indeed, they have already implemented electronic signatures to save time, money, and resources.

A recent survey by P&S intelligence, concludes that the global e-signature market is estimated to grow with an average annual growth rate of 35% per year, reaching almost $9 billion by 2023.

Why use e-signatures?

Did you know, an average employee uses more than 10,000 sheets of paper per year? That means you’re outlying an expenditure of up to $80-$100 on papers per year. In addition, if you sum up the costs for energy, printer, ink, employee time spent, and many more, the cost figure will double!

And thus, an e-signature could be an effective cost-saving solution for your business, helping you save around $20 on each document (depending on the signing method adopted by you). The transition to the e-signature platform is quite an integrated process, requiring no prior knowledge of coding or any other information.

With reliable e-signature software, such as DocuSign, you can easily access the signing online feature, completing your documents within seconds. we provide its users with low transaction costs, high storage security, real-time notifications, multiple users support, and above all customer satisfaction.

Tips for Making a Smooth Switch to E-Signatures

Making a switch from paper to a paperless system is very simple. However, to make this experience more comforting for you, we present 4 simple tips to save time, cost and be more productive.

  • Assemble all the names and email addresses

Just like the traditional signing methods, contact details form a crucial part of e-signing as well. You will want to know your clients, customers, and business partners with whom you can contact. Also, maintaining an account of all the contacts helps substantiate whether the recipient is authorized to e-sign your document or not.

Most modern e-signing software comes with an address book, which makes it easy to assemble all your contacts in one place. Indeed, they also have the feature which enables you to store and quickly find regular clients to sign the documents further.

  • Make sure to keep a copy of everythings

 You need to plan it adequately and save all your vital and confidential information (duly signed) in a very secure place. To secure your information off-site, it is important to keep a copy of all your electronic contacts saved, either on the local hard drive or on a cloud-based system.

Today signing online takes less than seconds, thanks to e-signing platforms. These platforms even provide secure cloud solutions, by automatically exporting your documents to desired google drive, Dropbox, or any other account. This makes your whole experience easier and readily accessible, from any location and any device.

  • Set delivery orders and alternative signers

Most e-signature platforms prefer to keep the original sender or the signer detached from other senders while dealing with data. Thus, do make sure to own a way that helps you gather all the data from each sender, user, and signer, to identify trends, regulate applications and collate reports efficiently.

Additionally, look for features such as, add signers or remove them, together with stipulating orders in which your signers will receive and sign the documents. Do remember to find an e-signing platform that makes the singing process secure and padlocked for you, thereby ensuring you peace of mind.

  • Add fillable fields. Do collect all client data!

When searching for the right e-signature solution, unnecessary programs and their installation can turn out to be a total waste of time and money. Therefore, it becomes essential to make sure that your software allows you to complete the whole process in one place, in no time.

Generally, people like a fill-in-the-blank form, together with a step-by-step guide, where recipients, addresses, names, contact details, and other information can be stored in just a few clicks. And thus, nowadays most software helps you transform your document into an easily fillable form, by adding different fields and assigning roles.

What should be taken into account?

Making a switch towards e-signing practices is quite easy and simple in this technologically advanced world. Indeed, for sure you might even be able to find the right platform which offers you the blend of all the required features. But before signing up with your digital signature vendor it is essential to keep a few things in mind.

  • Pricing

Honestly, price and affordability are the prime goals of an organization, before making a deal for any product. And thus, searching for a cost-effective payment plan before selecting the e-signature provider is essential. Luckily, CocoSign not only saves time but also helps reduce additional costs in the signing process by going virtual and paperless.

  • Security

No doubt, just like a handwritten signature, an e-sign is also legally binding. E-signature platforms such as CocoSign understand your security needs and thus helps you store signed documents in the form of electronic data in an e-sign cloud system, thereby preventing your confidential information from threats of tamper and loss.

  • Integration

If you are used to working on Word, Google Drive, or Dropbox, you would not want to waste time adjusting to a completely new environment. So, you need to look out for such an e-signature platform, which helps you work faster and improve your business efficiency, by providing you with the complete set of integration.


A smart e-signature platform aids you with both convenience and improvement in the way you work with your documents. Signing online not only saves time but also helps you cut drastically on your cost. Their quick and intuitive browser-based software is easily navigable, providing you with flexibility and accessibility from anywhere.

However, making a wise and informative decision on selecting the best e-signature platform is the need. A solid, secure platform will help you take the next step toward getting rid of paper clutter with no worries!