Marketing the New Trends in Coworking Space

Marketing the New Trends in Coworking Space

Are you someone who has been trying to build your own space with your little startup? Have a growing family? Then, a home business place would not help you in the long run.

You might require more spacious, more luxurious space at low expenses to meet your client, to have a working space, to have your team gets together to make important decisions.

Coworking spaces are the new trend that provides you with the best of the options at the lowest expense. If you have spaces to be rented out or leased out for the budding startups, you better know all the tricks and tips that you need to market your space.

Innovative marketing strategies must be found out to get your clients and to avail them of the best of the deals that they need. As per the reports of NASSCOM, more than 1200 startups start every year in India, including 8 unicorns, taking the total to around 8000 startups. With these many startups coming up every year, the opportunities that the market provides for co-working spaces are increasing.

As a result of the same, the co-working spaces with leading and advanced facilities are rising on an exponential level to match the demands. And, hence, it has become more tricky to market your spaces to the needful.

 Here are a few marketing methods that you can follow to get more clients for your co-working space.

  1. Focus on the target space

Cafes, offices, club spaces etc. are where the startups settle themselves for the meetings, get-togethers, for working etc. Going over these places, and finding probable clients who can help you work upon your proposals are your target group.

Contacting them in direct and publicizing your space can give you more publicity, which can, in turn, turn out to increase your market value. Putting up your advertisements, pamphlets, flyers etc are important in these venues.

2. Virtualizing the presence

A lot of co-working spaces have different branches in different cities. And hence, if your client needs to conduct a meeting in a different city, allow his passages to the different city venues with similar or lowered packages.

Include these features in the package so that it can attract more startups that work remote or local according to their needs.

Also, arrange a virtual space for all the startups that are rented in a co-working space.

This can help them connect individually making it possible for each startup to gain more knowledge and help them solve their problems and mistakes by just connecting to others.

This would be of great help to the startups who have not been able to get more guidance due to the limitations they have due to the restricted environments that they have been incubated.

3. Include attractive offers

For new signups, add attractive advantages to the package that give them an extra working day or a premium working space on a day of their choice.

This can help them arrange their important meeting on that premium offer day in the co-working space.

Try to make your social media presence a little stronger than your opponent by projecting the offers and special features you provide to your clients. 

4. Celebrate your best customer

Getting your users, in the beginning, might be tough, it is expected. After you have gained a reasonable number of clients, it becomes hard to sustain the clients.

Many startups may undergo relocation, many might just leave the co-working space in search of other spaces.

In these circumstances, it would be of much more fun when you rate your customers based on their decorum, their interaction with other startups, and their continuous presence in the co-working space.

A star startup award for each month and the award being exciting offers and perks can sustain your clients to much more time period than the normal. There are more chances that they may refer your coworking space to their acquaintances and they can possibly become your client someday.

5. Temporary spaces.

Thinking out of box and normalcy is the new trend and that is what people require today. Few marketing strategies that have been successful in a few spaces are discussed.

A pop-up tent space near corporate spaces or towns has been prevalent in many places these days. This helps the startups to meet the giant magnets near their offices itself even when you do not have an office space to bring them.

The target is to find them, filter them and to bring them to your business when a lot of other co-working spaces are still availing all the opportunities that you provide them. A narrow space of clients and a broader space of providers.

Excellent marketing strategies and innovative ideas can be the solution to these problems and once you map your potential competitors in the field, it would be easy for you to chain your clients.

Providing space and providing all the amenities that a startup requires is key as many of the startups today have a social significance and would help to build a better nation too.

Many startups who had phenomenal ideas which could transform the future of the world, once, without enough help and support of any leads met a nearing death in the course of its journey.

  • Let us not create such situations for any more startups.
  • Let us support each and every startup ideas that can revolutionize the world.
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