How to win more online sales with the right Checkout process?

One of the easiest ways to lose sales is a complicated checkout process. Once I had visited an e-commerce store to buy a set of coffee mugs. The checkout process was so back- breaking and long that I abandoned the cart in the mid-way and started looking for other stores offering the same in a much easier way. As per the stats for cart abandonment by Baymard Institute , 69.57% is the average documented online shopping cart abandonment rate out of which 26% abandonment’s happen due to long or complicated checkout process. If you don’t wish to be a major shareholder in these statistics then let us dive into some glitches that create hurdles for a smooth checkout process.

  1. Forced Registration for the Checkout Process Recently my friend was frustrated over an e-Commerce website that didn’t wish to complete the checkout process without registration. As expected, she abandoned the cart and opted for a website that provided options like ”Continue as Guest” and didn’t force her to register for checkout.

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Registration is one of the major reasons for cart abandonment. A button like “Continue as Guest” helps the customer to proceed to the checkout directly. A sign-in form is a must for the existing customers so that they can take the benefit of a convenient and faster checkout process. Lowe’s e-commerce store provides its customers with a smooth checkout option as shown below.

2. Tedious and complex Checkout Pages

Let us first list out the pros of the checkout page for Crocs’ website:
 The live chat is featured promptly.
 The shipping detail is clearly visible.
 Bonus points are provided to the user for encouraging the customers for newsletter subscription.
 States the number of steps involved in checkout process very clearly.
 You can review your order and edit the items in the cart.
 The customer service number is visible with 2 live chat buttons.
With the above pros the crocs’ website’s checkout page can’t be termed as the best one because of the
following issues:
 The page lacks trust seals/order processing security details. Being a first visitor on this site, I am definitely unaware of the security of the transactions I would be carrying out.
 Another con is the frequency of newsletter isn’t mentioned. Even if the user opts for their newsletter, they aren’t aware of how often will they receive them.
 They aren’t aware of the type of exclusive offers they will get and the visibility of last minute sales.
 The crocs care option isn’t available on the checkout page and thus, the users get an option to visit some other site and abandon the cart.

Your e-commerce store should stick to the goal of not making your customers flee from your e-store. This is possible only when you are able to remove all the potential distractions from the checkout page like unnecessary links, form elements, navigation bar, and so on. Another key factor that is important is the number of fields in the checkout form. The less the number of fields, the more the chances of the customer to complete the order. Therefore, you need to save the time of the customers.

3. Cart Abandonment Recovery
Shopping cart abandonment is a common problem encountered by many online store owners. One of the most fruitful methods is follow-up emails. These emails need to have actionable content with convincing elements like:
 Discounts
 Free shipping options if you haven’t provided.
 Sale on particular days
 Drop in price
You can set email frequency as well.
 Follow-up email as soon as the user abandons the cart.
 A follow-up email after 24 hours.

With cart abandonment campaigns, you get to convince your customers to revisit your online store and
complete their shopping.

4. Secure & Easy Payment Process
Recently I was shopping at an online store. When I finally thought of paying, I couldn’t find any trust badges or secure payment seal. I couldn’t take a risk with my money by putting up my credentials and, therefore, I decided to abandon the cart. Your e-commerce is all about how you can build trust among your customers for your brand and this is possible only if you provide trust badges for secure payment. There are numerous websites where you need to feed your credit/debit card details to pay. So what you think about why PayPal is loved? Because of its speed and the customer need not fill their credit card information and billing/shipping address repeatedly. Some relief to our fingers! So if your e-commerce website is lacking the integration of digital wallets like PayPal or Google Pay, then
you need to rethink on it again.

5. Rapid Checkout
As an owner of an e-commerce store, your job is to make the checkout process as fast as possible. One way to achieve this goal is to minimize the series of questions as much as possible. To organize the checkout process seamlessly one way is to reduce the steps involved in the checkout
process and opt for a one-step checkout. One-step checkout is where the inputs from the customers will be the same with all the steps clubbed on a single page. E-commerce stores that are powered on a hosted solution can’t have a customized checkout. Switching to a community or enterprise version of the software might accord with the flexibility you are looking for
your e-commerce store. If your aim is to enhance customer satisfaction, Magento 2 One step checkout is a solution that accords your shopping process with speed. You can purchase the plugin/module/extension.

Another option is you can opt for a tailored developed solution by a Magento Development Company – Fortunesoft IT or through a Magento extension provider with a trust badge. If you are a Magento store
owner, more than 100 premium Magento extensions are available at Magento Marketplace.

If you are facing issues with the checkout process, the suggestions that are listed above with some tweaking will reduce your cart abandonment and thus boosts up online sales by increasing the conversion

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