Home Gardening 101: How to Grow Your Home Garden

Who doesn’t want a peaceful green place in their homes where they can unwind and relax after a tiring day? It adds an element of freshness and tranquillity to the living space. 

Regardless of the fact you live in one of the luxury apartments in Byculla or a villa in Juhu, a lawn or terrace garden can improve the value of your home up to a great extent. Therefore, today we’re going to guide you on how you can conveniently set up a garden at your place. 

As we are well aware that gardening can be a bit difficult for first-timers. So, to help you start we’re going to provide a small and easy guide.    

Choose What You Want to Plant

The first step that you need to follow before you start your home garden is to choose what you want to plant. If you are going to grow veggies, then select only those that you eat so you’ll be able to get fresh supplies for your kitchen. Likewise, pick out those flowers that will contribute to increasing the outlook of your place.

Select the Right Location

Once you have decided what you want to grow in your garden, the most crucial task starts choosing the location. Selecting the right place to set up your home garden is essential for its success as the growth of plants greatly depends on the place you plant them. Therefore, you must select a place that gets enough sunlight during the day and isn’t too shady. One more thing that you must keep in mind is to try to choose a levelled space.

Make Space

After choosing the right spot for growing your garden, it’s time to clear the land. Get rid of any sod or turf if present on the ground. Make sections in the ground and cut the soil with a spade, it’ll help you in easily clearing the ground. If you’re preparing your garden for the next spring then use the newspaper method for preparing your ground. Simply cover the whole of your ground with newspaper sheets and place compost on top of it. Before the coming spring, the newspaper will have been decomposed and the compost would’ve been mixed in the ground.  

Improve the Quality of Soil

Enriching your soil before growing any plants is always a good idea. The more fertile the soil the better your plants will grow, so before you plant any seeds add some fertilizer to make your plant more healthy and lively. It’s a known fact that all seasoned gardeners are well aware that after every other season you need to replenish the nutrients of your soil. Residential soils don’t get enough supply of minerals like natural open spaces so you’ve to improve the quality of your soil manually. Simply add some organic matter, compost and dead leaves to your soil and let it rot for some time and Voila! Your homemade manure is ready.   

Start Growing

After setting your ground and working on your soil, it’s time for you to pick out your plants and sow them. Don’t skip to work on your soil as it’s imperative for the proper growth of your plants. Plant them depending on the amount of sunlight they’ll be needing to grow.

Maintain Your Garden

Growing a home garden isn’t only about planting in the seeds the basic work starts once you’ve sowed the seeds in the ground. In order to successfully grow your home garden, you need to maintain it regularly. Give water to your plants in time and daily check them. Similarly, ploughing your soil every once in a while is also crucial.


A garden can add so much value to your place that you’ll be surprised to know the benefits you will reap. People will be willing to pay way more for any of the flats for sale in Byculla Mumbai that have a green area in them. No one can deny the fact that having a green space in your home in a place like Mumbai is a blessing indeed. Not only does it make the living space look more beautiful but adds to its value as well. Furthermore, it also exudes an aura of freshness as well.