How To Get Your First Vroom Vroom With These Car Buying Tips

Are you buying your first car??? WOW!!!! It is certainly a ‘once in a lifetime’ experience. For long you were yearning to buy your first four-wheeler and take yourself and family on a joyride. Now the time has finally come when you are about to buy your car. From initial to last stages, you need to go through several procedures.

Here are the tips to buy your car without getting frustrated by the procedure.

The budget battle – how to win?

Sometimes there is a big gap between desires and reality. You may want to buy a Lamborghini but your actuality is a Volkswagen polo. However, this is no reason to get disappointed. After all, it is one of the best selling cars in 2019 in Ireland.

The first rule of car buying is ‘stay in your financial limits’. Make a budget not only to cover the cost of the car but to include all the related running costs. They are the vital elements of the overall deal.

Car insurance cost – This is expensive for the new drivers with special concern for those under 25.
Tires – You may need to get the tires replaced as the models in the showroom for long may not have sufficient tread. Besides, it is illegal and may invite a license.
Fuel – The first thing to come in notice when you take out your grand car on the road from the showroom.

During the budgeting, you also need to pay heed to the financial gap. You may require financial support because it is usually not possible to pay all at once when it comes to big purchases. That is why you need to keep working subsequently on exploring the lucrative options of car loans. They are in plenty and have the customization facility according to your financial capacity.

It is time to choose your car

Once you are clear on your financial limits on budget, you can easily make a choice. Now you can at least focus your search in a specific direction without any distractions from the abundance of choices. Which brand, what model, how many features, all get clear in your mind.

Like every step of car buying, you need to rely too much on your research skills on this aspect too. Scrutinize the market, match it with your requirements and think twice before you make a final decision.

Following are the things you should consider while choosing a car –

• Front and side airbags. SAFETY COMES FIRST!!
• Anti-lock brakes are the basic requirements in the current car models.
• Electronic stability control, it helps to prevent an accident.
• Look for the safety assessment done by the experts of Euro NCAP. Ask for the report or check it online.
• Give a visual check to detect any scratch or dent. Later finding out such a thing can be very regretful. Do not be careless on this part. After all, the first impression is the last impression. You will never want to see a big flaw in the shining body of the car while showing it to your friends and family.
• Should be fit for purpose. Whatever is your reason to buy a car besides convenience, keep that in mind. Do not get driven by the lavish looks and bright colors of a model. It should serve your purpose first. For those with a family and in love with a weekend, trips should prefer a big space in the back to keep the stuff.
• Check for the advertised features. Sometimes you do not find in the car what is given in the advertisements. From airbags to brakes, mileage, space, air conditioning, music system everything should be in the due place as committed.

Read the contract carefully

Stay awake with your scrutiny skills and read each and every word in the document carefully. The legal agreement with the seller is a complicated document. Once it is signed you cannot do anything at least in most of the cases. There can be a difference in what you were told and what is mentioned in the agreement. For instance – tire insurance, extended warranty, car service, after-sale service, insurance, and many more things are important. In big purchases, you need to be cautious as they usually give no second chances.

The above ways are simple but when you go through them, utmost attention on every part is required. From taking car loans in Ireland to signing the contract with the seller, you have no chance to act carelessly. However, it is not so difficult to stay alert, the above tips are there to help. ALL THE BEST!!