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How Much Does It Cost To Create A Grocery App Like Big Basket?

Now placing grocery orders online is not tough at all. It is a common, helpful way to place orders online and get the delivery of the products at the doorstep. After the pandemic, it has become a regular affair, and for all generations, it is the easiest task to place orders online at grocery stores. Thanks to the technology, retailers are also able to maximize their reach and sell and include fruits, vegetables, beverages, and dairy products delivery service. They are making an app or website through which they sell their groceries. 

The online platform is easy, fast, and accessible to users. The retailers are designing an app from an app developer of a mobile app development company and then promoting the app across all social media and through offline advertisements to grab customers’ attention. The online platform makes the service time-saving.

BigBasket is a popular grocery app that is quite popular in major big cities. They work as a chain, and it is one of the most successful grocery apps in Pan India. How does the app work? How has it become so popular? What are the features? Do you want to create a grocery app like Big Basket for your locality or region? Then in this article, you will get an overall idea of its features.

The real story behind Big Basket

Big Basket was launched in 2011, and under this app, there are almost 12,000 products, and they have a partnership with 1000 and more brands. They offer same-day delivery with 99.3% and conveyance on time, which will fill the rate of 99.5%. Also, the client gets a refund if the product is damaged and gets the refund of the unavailable product into the app’s wallet. 

Market analysis before building an app

Analyzing the market is important to understand what customers want. You have to check whether there are grocery apps on the same line of need and identify the target audience. Their preferred location, have you any unique functionality or feature that can set the app different, you have to go through SWAT analysis on your competitors. You have to know about your competitors’ products and are they any better. 

Decide on which type of app for grocery you need

There are different types of apps, and each segment fulfills another purpose. Therefore, you have to know which one is the best.

  1. Aggregators- it is like an app of a grocery store near your location, and whatever products are available in that particular store will all be on the list. So, users can add the products from the list and buy them through the app. The payment system is convenient. 
  2. A single Store is like a virtual store where one can update any new menu, deliver the orders to customers, and collect a payment, and all will be done through the app. 
  3. The marketplace is similar to the aggregator format. The main difference is that the platform itself appoints delivery people, who will collect the products from stores and then deliver them to the user location. 
  4. Grocery chain- there are grocery retailers who create mobile apps and satisfy the customers’ on-demand delivery. It makes grocery shopping easy and fast.  
  5. eCommerce app for grocery- Like Big Basket, which is purely an eCommerce platform for grocery users can use and purchase essential products daily. They completely work in a warehouse model, and there is no concept of brick and mortar. 

Features of an app

User, Admin, and Delivery panels are the three segments under which your app must work. First, let’s discuss the user panel and what are the things that come under this panel:

  • registration to the app
  • profile verification through email and phone number
  • insert details of customers in the customer profile.
  • List of products to check
  • Search and browse button to search a specific item
  • Navigation is easy with category and sub-category
  • Adding products to the cart
  • Schedule delivery date and time on a priority basis
  • Payment gateway- wallet, net banking, debit, credit card
  • The facility of in-app wallet
  • Track the order
  • Cancel or edit the order
  • Avail discounts or coupons during checkout
  • Push notification to let customers know about the offers upcoming
  • Need for customer support
  • Reviews and ratings

Secondly, for the Admin panel- you have to look into these things:

  • Management of inventory
  • Order assignment
  • Manage the store
  • Real-time analytics

Thirdly the Delivery panel follows these things below:

  • Service of geo-location
  • In-app chatbots
  • Delivery requests accepted and declined
  • Notification of delivery

Cost to develop a grocery app like Big Basket

With all the models and features in mind, hire a team to manage the tech stack; you have to come to cost estimation. The grocery development app will also determine the part of the expenses, which will evaluate the app’s complexity, including functionality and features. The choice of the developers in which the work hours are included includes the model type and tech stack. For small to medium range of grocery apps, costs will start from $10,000 to $ 30,000. It is something that you need to consider to investing or raising money from the market to fund the app. If it is your biggest dream, you need to think of the best solution to get it done by following all the models at each step. 


The grocery app market demand is increasing high and high. There is no doubt that it is a promising business model, and you must be determined how you need to process the grocery app. It is a complex process, and you should have a good backup developer team to help you achieve your dream. It depends on your need and desire that will give you the vision. Think about the USP of your app from the ground level so you can get customer support for the better good of running the grocery app.  Now you can make the app as per your need for the customers.

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