Exploring Kraft As An Eco-Friendly & Sustainable Packaging Material In 2021

Exploring Kraft as an Eco-friendly & Sustainable Packaging Material in 2021

Since the last decade, kraft material has taken over the packaging market as the number one choice for sustainable packaging. Apart from its various impressive properties, right now we’re concerned with how kraft helps in coping with today’s environmental crisis. We want to explore the sustainable and eco-friendly nature of this material. With every passing day, more and more brands are moving towards sustainable practices in their packaging. This is what makes kraft a widely used packaging material today.

Consumers are ready to pay a premium on top of brands that are packing products in sustainable kraft boxes. The rough and classic texture of this material makes it unique and exclusive in the market of packaging. Boxes made from kraft have all the potential to make your products stand out. Also, these boxes are easily customized as per product specifications.

Saving Environment is No More an Option

Packaging boxes industry different types of materials to make boxes for products. But, the problem is that packaging materials like plastic and paperboard are not environmentally friendly. Every day, we see animals choking on human plastic waste in jungles and oceans on news and on social media. Whereas, cardboard causes problems for recycling due to plastic linings. Making it just as toxic as plastic.

Kraft is a Sustainable Alternative to Hazardous Materials

Kraft material is an eco-friendly alternative to other environmentally harmful materials. Paper pulp remains, this compostable packaging is protective enough to withstand damages during transportation. Making it a more sustainable option.

Although this material does lack a bit, such as not so many customization options but environmental speaking. It’s much better to choose this material.

Kraft packaging is 100% recyclable because and comes back into circulation again – contributing to the worldwide recycling industry. For consumers looking for sturdy packaging – custom Kraft packaging boxes offer all you need.

Custom Kraft Boxes are Recyclable

Kraft packaging makes your brand stand out and helps building that responsible, eco-friendly image. These highly recyclable boxes are also an excellent choice to show off the go green image. Kraft is such an eco-friendly option that offers big benefits to both nature and you.

Being Biodegradable Factor

Biodegradable and sustainable packaging materials now play a very important role in the packaging industry. Kraft is very compostable in nature. This describes that the packaging made of kraft breaks down as time passes. It then turns into a part of nature again. This quality makes kraft packaging boxes environmentally friendly for being biodegradable and an ideal option to use. This material gets back to being very much a natural thing on earth that brands and their customers love it. And we can save all those creatures who are dying from plastic bags and other non-biodegradable packaging material that clogs up landfills.

Quality of being very Reusable

Not just an outclass choice for packaging, but kraft boxes can be exposed to unlimited customization possibilities.

With the advent of the internet, you can explore hundreds of creative ideas online. You can then mold packaging with kraft material and make it however you wish after customization.

Kraft Packaging Boxes are Ideal for many Customization Possibilities

Kraft packaging is very versatile for the customization opportunities it provides you. You can make your encased products as presentable as you want. You can do that in a cost-effective way too.

Just make an addition or deletion of any custom aspect from these boxes. Also, kraft material is superb at allowing different types of imprints on its surface. Whatever your product’s presentation needs may be, kraft packaging perfectly promotes your brand by allowing superb branding and design. The graceful coarse texture amazingly shows off printing arts on top and entices customers to share their unboxing experience with friends and family. This gives a big boost to your sales through word of mouth. Designing your own custom Kraft packaging communicates that your brand has a product that’s unique.

Usefulness of Kraft Packaging

The packaging’s structural design made with Kraft material is popular for obvious reasons. The natural brown texture of this material gives out a unique look in its own right. This packaging does not even require a lot of cleaning. And when cleaned, it’s only a matter of seconds.

These qualities make them a very ideal option when used in busy retail stores or at wholesaling spots. Store items on retail shelves without having to worry about dust and stains.

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