Creative Social Media Contests For Events To Increase Excitement

Creative Social Media Contests For Events To Increase Excitement

Satisfying the event attendees has become quite difficult in this advanced era. The major reason behind this is that there are too many events nowadays, and the expectations of the attendees have increased significantly. Now the event creators have to do extensive, as well as creative planning to win the favor of people that join their events.

Social media has also emerged as great support and savior of the event organizers. It is quite popular in the Middle Eastern countries of the world as well. No event is complete without some social media promotions in the United Arab Emirates. However, the organizers still need some creative ways to utilize it and increase the excitement of attendees.

This article aims to discuss some creative social media contest ideas that you can incorporate in your next event to increase the excitement level of attendees.

Top 5 Ideas to Create Social Media Contests for your Events

Every event organizer wishes the attendees to promote their event or share the praise through their social media accounts. Although event organizers promote it through their own accounts, that is not enough. The voluntary engagement of the participants is a necessary element of ensuring event success. Social media contests can help organizers achieve this goal.

The following are some of the top social media contest ideas to boost engagement and excitement of event participants.

1. Retweeting Competition

Twitter is one of the most popular social media in this modern era, which is used by the leaders, influencers, activists, and the general public. Trending on twitter is a very basic way to create a buzz among the public. So, you can create a retweet competition among interested people. 

Ask the potential attendees to retweet the event to win exciting prizes. Creating such a competition is not as easy as it requires constant vigilance and updating. So, most of the event organizers acquire the help of event companies in Dubai to create and manage the competition, in addition to planning a perfect event.

2. Hashtag Competitions

Hashtags are one of the most exciting trends of this era, which is specifically popular among youngsters. Creating a hashtag competition for your event is one of the best ways to attract more and more young people.

You can ask people to come up with unique and exciting hashtags for the event. Announce grand prize for the person who suggests the hashtag that wins the charts. You can also offer a few incentives linked to your next event to create a little more buzz.

3. Tag a Friend

No competition is complete during present times without a ‘tag a friend’ contest. This modern generation loves tagging their family and friends that seem interesting and exciting. So, here is a chance for you to win their favor. 

You can start such a contest to motivate interested people to tag different people in couples. Fix a number and create a draw at the end to pick some names. You can offer free entry to the people who win this contest.

4. Snap Chat Drawing

Snap chat is another popular social media of this era. Your event promotion is not complete if you are not involving or being active on snap chat. Snap chat drawings are quite famous among the young population and some creative peeps. So, you can also utilize it in your favor.

Ask the interested people to share some drawings about the event to win surprises. You can also offer placement of booths in your event to the creative souls that seem deserving. It will surely create a hype of your event as well as boost the excitement of the attendees.

5. Surveys

One of the most common yet effective social media contest ideas is to create a survey about the event. This type of contest can be arranged during the event in order to make the attendees more curious. The survey can randomly ask questions about the different activities and arrangements of the events.

Communicate to the attendees about the survey and help them know about the prizes. You can install a booth to attract people to participate in the survey. Managing this during the event can prove hectic so that you can turn to professional help. Acquire the service of event companies in Dubai to manage during, after event surveys, as well as other social media contests to ensure smooth event management.

Utilize the power of social media to boost your profitability!

There is no doubt that social media has emerged as a great power in the last decade. It is the source of income for many while being entertainment for others. You can also make the most of it for your event promotions by creating some exciting events.

However, you should give proper time to such contest and not just handle them halfheartedly. If you are tight on schedule and fear carelessness, it is much better to connect with professionals and ensure hassle-free arrangements and execution.