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Brand Ambassador vs Brand Influencer: What’s the difference?

In our everyday life, we go through several ads around us. With the start of many businesses and the competition among them, the market is also rising tremendously. All the brands want to have their maximum customers.

Coming on the ads, one can find the face of a superstar representing it. The most confusing part is whether the celebrity is its brand ambassador or a brand influencer.

An Instagram post of Justin Bieber endorsing Calvin Klein was also a similar contradiction. It was mostly considered to be a celebrity endorsement. However, it turned out to be influencer marketing.

In past times, people think of celebrities as the face of influencers. But now, anyone around us can become an influencer. In the era of influencer marketing, there are people from different niches. They are working upon their area of interest and increasing their fanbase. The influencers can have thousands of followers, and they can also have millions of followers.

Now, it is slightly confusing for a prime segment of the audience. Let me explain it to you in an uncomplicated way.

Brand influencer

The major platforms of influencers are Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media. Blogs also cannot be neglected. Let us move ahead. The influencers can be said to have a huge fan base.

It is common for celebrities to have several followers. But, influencers gather them with their hard work and perfection. The audience adores them, and accordingly, they follow them. So, we can say that the influencers have organic traffic.

What exactly a ‘brand influencer’ means?

They are the influencers who promote the brand to his/her audience. Influencers make use of their fanbase to make the catchy deal. Reports say that the conversion rates are higher if the brand is using influencers. It is because the trust in the influencers is comparatively higher than the trust over ads.

They are of several types of an influencer:-

  1. Nano influencers– The influencers having a fanbase of 1K to 10K. They are the thriftiest among the other types of influencers.
  2. Micro-influencers– The influencers having followers ranging between 10K to 50K comes under this category. They charge higher than nano influencers. The startups hire most of the micro-influencers.
  3. Mid-tier influencers– The influencers falling under this category have a fanbase of 50K to 500K. They are a bit immoderate than the micro-influencers.
  4. Macro influencers– They have followers from 500K to 1million. They cost higher than the above three.
  5. Mega influencers– The influencers having a fanbase of more than a million followers can be categorized as mega influencers. They are the most lavish ones.

Brand ambassadors

Ambassador is the face or image of the brand. They use the brand products and try to make more and more people turn out to be its patron. Brand ambassadors are not necessarily celebrities. They also can be anyone. For an illustration, a fitness trainer can be a brand ambassador of protein bars.

But in the majority part, celebrities are considered as brand ambassadors. In ambassador collaboration, a brand can use the faces of VIPs on their website or social media. They can even create a video and promote it to a large audience. Let us make a clear distinction between the two.

What is the difference between an influencer and a brand ambassador?

  • Brand ambassadors for the long term, e.g., for years. The brand influencers are short-term, like for some months. In some cases, the influencers are hired for a single post or promotional content.
  • The ambassadors use the product regularly. In the case of influencers, they do not necessarily use the product.
  • The conversion rates of the influencers are more as compared to that of the ambassadors.
  • Looking by the eyes of budget, the influencers are more cost-effective than the ambassadors.
  • The influencers are always considered as per the target audience. The brand ambassadors do not always have the same niche as that of the brand.
  • One can find influencers having complete knowledge of the product. The ambassadors do not necessarily know about the product they endorse.
  • The influencers have the goal of making new customers for the brand. In the case of the ambassadors, they do not always have an objective. They are only used as a face for representing the brand.
  • Influencers can be anyone, from an ordinary person to celebrities. The ambassadors are majorly the superstars.

Where can I get someone to promote my brand?

Numerous platforms are working on making this easy for ordinary people. In India, one can consider Celefi as its mega platform. They have a vast number of celebrities and influencers with them, already on-boarded. All the categories, from nano to mega influencers are available in Celefi.

Moving on to the international platform, you can choose Cameo to be a trustable one. A lot of the audience trusts them. Contact the best influencer marketing agency in india.

Brand Ambassador Vs Brand Influencer: What’s The Difference?
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Brand Ambassador Vs Brand Influencer: What’s The Difference?
In our everyday life, we go through several ads around us. With the start of many businesses and the competition among them, the market is also rising tremendously. All the brands want to have their maximum customers.
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