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7 profitable businesses you can set up in 2022

An appropriate business idea aids you to earn a high income with minimal investment. It’s a long path to build a highly profitable business. When plans are right, it provides you immense benefits to live your livelihood.

If you are looking for a unique business idea to set up in 2022, you are at the right place. We have gathered a list of 7 profitable businesses that you can set up in 2022.

  1. Translation

Many online marketers depend on social media to advertise their business. They need to translate their website into different languages. If you know more than two languages, you can set up your business as a translator. You can provide services for newspapers, legal documents, etc., to people & businesses. You can earn a high commission with this business. Also, this business aids you to schedule the client as per your availability.  

  1. Online tutoring

If you are adept in any subject, you can set up your online tutoring business. You will require an internet connection, a whiteboard and a smartphone. There are always new students who search for helping hands. You can provide online tuition services & earn a high commission.

This business is a highly profitable business, as you don’t need to invest in high-value business equipment. 

  1. Content writing

Every company- small or large, needs a web presence. For this, they seek content writers to create content for blogs, product descriptions, etc. This is the most profitable business idea. You can earn as per project or words.

  1. Build and Sell Website theme

If you have good skills and knowledge in coding, you can set up a business to build & sell Website themes. You can build themes for WordPress, fix CSS, make apps & much more. It is a highly profitable business you can set up in 2022.

  1. GST Suvidha Kendra

A lot of businessmen, SMEs, etc, are unable to file GST on time. It is because the website crashes due to a heavy server. You can buy a franchise of GST Suvidha Kendra & aid them to file a GST returns on time. This will help you earn a high commission every month.

The following things are required to initiate a franchise of GST Suvidha Kendra-

  • Indian citizenship
  • A commercial space
  • Basic knowledge of computer
  • Laptop
  • Internet connection & 
  • Morph device to scan fingerprints

Besides filing GST returns, you can provide other services such as

  • Bill Payments
  • Loan Payments
  • Insurance Payments
  • Website & graphic designing services
  • Recharge Payments, etc.
  1. Event planning

One of the best business ideas is to set up an event planning business. A lot of businesses search for people who can organize, manage & host their events. You can set up this business easily & earn a profitable commission. It requires an eye on design & staying organized.

You can work anywhere & provide your service as an event planner. It just requires a smartphone, internet connection & laptop. 

  1. Social Media Marketing Agency

There are many social media marketing agencies that aid companies to grow their business. These agencies develop, enhance and maintain the company’s presence on all social media platforms. This field requires the attention of web experts who can connect with target customers via social media. If you are an expert on the web, this business will provide you with high profits.

Tips to set up a business with minimal investment!

  • Determine what you choose

If you are not engaged in what you do, you will surely drop out. Find out what you love to do. This will aid you to pick up the business idea in which you can encounter the hurdles.

  • Select a niche

The niche should match the entrepreneur’s skills. It should also be in consumer demand so that it could provide you with a high financial return.

A well-directed business aids your business growth and recognition in your niche. This is because the businessmen focus more on strategic actions.

  • Build a business plan

Know the right step to set up a business. It is essential to earn a high income and more customers.  A business plan outlines all the necessary steps to set up a business. It should include details of the business model, marketing, finance, etc.

  • Set up digital businesses

Without any doubt, digital businesses are easy to set up. They require minimal investment & provide high commission. You will need an internet connection, a laptop and a commercial area.

  • Perform market research

Market research is a very crucial process for a new business. It helps you to give insight into the competition. You can build strategy and dominate the market.

  • Don’t pull out

Many problems will arrive frequently, but don’t give up. Stay motivated!! Giving up on business will not provide you with profits. Rather find solutions and keep on working.

How should you handle customer complaints?

You can handle the customer complaints with the following ways-

  • Identify customer type

Customers can be shy, patient or shouting. You should handle their problems calmly. Ask every question related to the complaint so that you can find the solution to the problem.

  • Quick response to customer

Set up a separate folder so that you can prioritize the customer as per their issues. A quick response to their complaint can aid you to build long-term loyalty.

  • Know the root of problem

Ask the right question to the customer. This will aid you to know what is the root cause of the problem. 

  • Provide a solution and authenticate it

After identification of the complaint’s root cause, provide a solution to the customer. Verify whether the solution has solved the problem or not.


You can set up the above-mentioned business ideas easily in 2022. These ideas require minimal investment & provide you high return. You do not need to be an expert in technology. If you have basic skills & knowledge in that field, you can earn a good income without any doubt.

Get into a business & earn a high profit every month!!


Q1. Is it necessary to build a business model before setting up a business?

A business model plays a very crucial role after initiating a business idea. It helps you to know how you can execute the business & make money. The business model basically consists of strategy. If your strategy is wrong, you cannot measure your business success. 

Hence, build a business model and easily set up business in 2022.

Q2.  How is feedback important for business?

A client/customer feedback is important in business. It helps you to improve your business idea, increase sales, etc, You can get feedback from the following ways-

  • Create smart surveys
  • Email customers & clients
  • Enable them to write reviews
  • Check reviews from third-party sites, etc.

Q3. How can I promote my business idea after setting it up?

The promotion stage is the most important stage after setting up the business. It aids your business to be in the sight of people & generate sales. You can build up your business through the following ways-

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Quora
  • SEO
  • Instagram
  • Advertisement
  • Banner
  • Pamphlets, etc.