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6 Tools to Easily Create an Online Store

Creating an e-commerce site is much easier than a few years ago. There are a large number of solutions that make our lives easier, and this can only please beginners with little knowledge in the field. Let’s discover together the six tools to create an online store easily and quickly.

Why you should use these tools

You may be wondering why you should use one of the six services presented here to create an online store. If so, here we give you the advantages of these tools.

Ease of use

The big advantage of its solutions for creating an e-commerce site is the simplicity of quickly setting up your shop. Indeed, after a quick installation on a server, you have a clean and intuitive interface to configure your shop to your image. 

Your brand logo can be added easily and adding a product is also very simple, as is creating a product sheet. Everything is done so that you can quickly sell your items. You can add features to your site in a few clicks and thus make it a pro store with ease.

No knowledge of web development

To set up your merchant site, you don’t need to know PHP, SQL, HTML, or even CSS. Indeed, these different tools for creating an online store are made to allow personalization, configuration and management of e-Commerce from the back office.

A multi-user site

From the interface, it is possible to create several users. Also, it is, therefore, possible to manage the store with several people if you have collaborators. Several roles are often possible with more or fewer powers in order.

Saving time and money

Developing an e-commerce site from A to Z will be expensive and can take time. With one of these tools to create an online store, your site is online in less than an hour and for a few budget (site hosting, specific options, subscriptions, etc.). It is a great saving of time and money, which will allow you to reallocate your budget to other valuable expenses such as advertising or SEO.

The best tools to create an online store

  • Shopify

Without hesitation, Shopify is the best SaaS platform to choose to create an online store in a short time. It is the easiest solution to use to get started in e-commerce. Since its launch in 2006, Shopify has continued to improve its platform to offer e-merchants everything they need to create their online sales sites without calling in a professional.

To design an e-shop on Shopify, all you have to do is choose one of the themes offered by the platform. If you know IT development, you can build your design based on the elements of your graphic charter.

To launch your e-commerce site on Shopify, you must pay a monthly subscription which starts at 29 euros per month, not to mention the commissions to be paid on each sale. Note that the platform gives access to a 14-day trial period. If you do or want to do dropshipping, there are plugins to connect the catalogs of sites like AliExpress or CJDropshipping.

  • Wix eCommerce

To create a website easily and get started in the world of online sales, Wix eCommerce is the ideal solution. The tool provides you with 500 online store templates, which allows you to design an e-shop that meets all customer requirements.

The platform integrates several sales channels, including Facebook, Instagram, eBay and Google Shopping. It also gives the possibility of integrating a large number of tools and software into the site. And the icing on the cake, the e-merchant has a complete and detailed dashboard to manage their online store from their computer, smartphone or tablet. As a reminder, Wix eCommerce does not charge any commission on sales made.

  • Magento

Since its launch in 2008, Magento’s popularity has continued to grow. By opting for this Open Source platform, you can design your fully customized online store in no time. Magento provides us with hundreds of templates, classified by category. You have to choose the template best suited to the products to be sold on the e-shop, and you’re done. The platform is very easy to handle and you will have no problem handling it.

To help us manage our e-commerce well, Magento offers us several native apps, particularly for inventory management, analyzing traffic, optimizing natural referencing (SEO), launching emailing campaigns, etc.

  • WiziShop

WiziShop is a tool much appreciated by e-merchants and increasingly recommended by e-commerce professionals. Why? Because it is a very easy-to-use solution to create an online store. You won’t need any special skills or knowledge to master it.

WiziShop offers us all the basic features needed to create an e-commerce site: order management, sending email campaigns, SEO optimization, the mobile version of the e-shop, etc.

For prices, the platform is free. However, you should know that it charges a percentage of the turnover achieved.


Formerly 1&1, the experience and seriousness of IONOS  is well established. The host also offers its solution for creating an e-commerce site in a few clicks. Several packs are offered to create an online store quickly to focus very quickly on the sale of its products.

Depending on the choice of the pack, more or fewer items may be added to its catalog and certain features, such as a dedicated mobile application and the possibility of offering discount codes, may be included. Customizable professional templates are available to display an elegant design that reflects your image for your store.

  • WooCommerce

As you probably know, WordPress is one of the most used platforms for creating websites worldwide. According to recent figures, 40% of sites use this tool globally. WooCommerce is a plugin available on WordPress, so it was unthinkable not to present it to you in this list of the best tools to create an online store.

As a reminder, WooCommerce only allows you to create a small e-shop. Moreover, the features offered by this tool are not enough to improve the user experience and make more sales. To be sure to create an online store that meets customer requirements, opt for one of the solutions mentioned above.


There are dozens of solutions at your disposal to create an e-commerce site. Before making your choice, ask the professionals and do not hesitate to test each tool separately!