5 Top 2019 Legal Marketing Trends Law Firm Owners Must Know

5 Top 2019 Legal Marketing Trends Law Firm Owners Must Know

Law firm owners and attorneys have realized that they need to leverage the digital space in a planned manner to promote their practice. This has helped in the development of a separate stream within digital marketing that is focused solely on promoting legal agencies. This practice has also been evolving for some time and here we are presenting the top legal marketing trendsthat are expected to rule this year. It is essential that lawyers know about these new swings that are affecting their industry. The evolution of new technology and the emergence of new ideas affect this field regularly. Professionals at legal marketing services must also know about these trends so that they can provide better service to their clients.

1. Increased Local Searches Related To Lawyers

The continuing proliferation of mobile devices coupled with better internet technology has resulted in an increase in local searches. Almost every industry has been affected by this trend and law firms are no different. People are using near me searches to find attorneys and law firms in their vicinity. This means that a legal website has to be optimized for local searches as well as mobile devices. It is essential that attorneys create profiles on Google My Business and all other relevant directories. The more local citations they generate, the better their chances of appearing prominently in related search results. They must also ensure that their interfaces are aligned for mobile devices. Their websites must be responsive and call-to-action buttons must also be aligned for tapping actions.

2. Growing Popularity Of Visual-based Material

Until recently, attorneys depended on text-based content to target their audiences. They posted blogs on their websites as well as other interfaces to answer potential clients’ questions and impress them. However, there has been a significant trend that has made lawyers rethink their content strategy. More and more people around the world are consuming visual-based content, especially videos. This means that legal practitioners also have to create material in these formats to successfully engage their audiences. Smart attorneys are already using videos on their profiles and landing pages. Many of them are also posting guides or addressing issues in the form of videos on different platforms like YouTube and social media. In 2019, you can expect to see more lawyers using videos and other visual-based materials like infographics to engage potential clients.

3. More Focus On Relationship Management

The main objective of law firm marketing has always been to generate new leads. However, things are changing and now attorneys are understanding the importance of relationship management. Boosting client intake is vital for growing a firm but maintaining healthy relationships with existing clientele is equally important. Past users can bring in repeat business as well as provide valuable referrals. One of the most prominent legal marketing trendsin 2019 will be the increased focus on relationship management through digital platforms. Legal practitioners will look to deploy instruments like newsletters to engage their present clients. With every law agency trying to improve its lead generation figures, client loyalty can be a casualty. This has forced many lawyers to intensify their efforts to strengthen their relationships with current users.

4. Rising Numbers Of Voice Searches

Another technological innovation that has affected attorney website marketing is the emergence of smart speakers. These devices are activated by verbal commands and people are using them for conducting searches. Even a large number of smartphone owners are using voice commands to carry out searches. In fact, it is expected that the convenient format of merely speaking rather than typing will soon become the new normal. Lawyers have to align their promotional strategies with this emerging trend. People, while conducting an oral search, tend to speak full questions. This is completely different from the traditional search wherein users only entered the most important terms. Now, attorneys are recreating their FAQ pages to include the popular queries being asked by their audiences. They are also optimizing other pages of their website to better align them with verbal searches.

5. Emphasis On Generating More And More Trust Signals

There are two main factors considered by a legal searcher. The first is whether the entity is suitable for fulfilling her legal requirement or not. The second is assessing the reputation of the professional or the agency. While strategies like keyword optimization and content marketing help lawyers in addressing the first factor, to counter the second they look to generate as many trust signals as possible. It has become normal for attorneys to request their clients to leave reviews on the website, Google My Business page, and other digital platforms. Many of them are also encouraging visitors to leave comments on their social profiles. Expect more and more practitioners to put forth this request to their clients in order to build a dependable image.


Promoting a legal practice in the digital space can pay rich dividends if an effective strategy is deployed. Attorneys must know the top law firm internet marketing trends discussed here to create a powerful plan that is in synchronization with the current preferences of the audiences

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