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4 Quick Ways To Drive New Customers To Your Biz

Every business must strive to attract new customers. Driving new customers into the business implies an increase in sales volume, high stock turnover, and ultimately a considerable level of profitability. There are some ways to drive new customers, some of which are discussed below.

1. Use social media platforms to market the business

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In today’s digital world, we cannot underestimate the power of social media. A business may advertise the nature of goods/services it can offer to potential clients on social media platforms. Among them are Facebook and WhatsApp. On these social media platforms, millions of users may access information about your business. Whenever a business creates new content, launches a new product, or runs a new campaign, it is imperative to share it across all social media channels.

The onus of the business is to convert these numerous potential buyers into actual customers. Therefore, using social media is considered an essential and preferred MSP marketing strategy given the highly consultative nature of the sales process among MSPs. They spend weeks, months, and even years before closing a customer.

2. Customers discounts and promotions

Currently, the economy is not good, and the customers have challenging financial situations. Given the preceding, the customers constantly seek cost-effective good deals. As such, they are likely to be attracted to businesses that offer discounts and promotions. The discounts offered must be meaningful enough to ensure that the customers pay a considerable amount for the goods/service acquired while getting a significant profit. That way, both parties, the business, and the customer, are satisfied.

Promotions are special deals that a business offers its customers. Such include ‘buy 2-get-1 for half a price’ or ‘bring a friend deal.’ Such bargains may attract new customers who may be on the lookout for an extra incentive to buy. When customers get used to the product on promotion, they may continue to buy it even when withdrawn.

Though they may appear costly on the business side, offering freebies is equally a good strategy for driving new customers. The existing customers may offer the free samples to a family member, neighbor, or friend and convince them to buy.

3. Partner with complementary businesses

Complimentary businesses offer goods/services that can be used together with other goods/services another business offers. Examples include baby products and maternity clothes, Bread and Milk/Sugar, Fertilizers, and Seeds. Teaming up with businesses with a similar customer base but not directly competitive is a sure way of driving new customers into the business. For instance, if the business sells fertilizers, working with a business that sells seeds would be a great partnership. One business can be referring their clients to the other.

4. Participate in community events

Participating in community events raises the profile of a business. It is a way of advertising your business to the public and expressing its good public will. There are many community events that businesses can take part in. Some of these events include sponsoring fun runs, distributing free face masks, anti-jigger campaigns, constructing gabions to control soil erosion, sponsoring a tournament, and kicking a local (say football) club. In so doing, the business relations with the community increases, and ultimately new customers are attracted.

There are many ways a business may drive new customers, and the approaches highlighted here may not be exhaustive. They are varied, and they depend on the nature of businesses. Some are for the short run, while others are for the long haul. Implementing the above four ways will significantly increase the customer base for any business over time.