Important Cloud Computing Benefits for Businesses

2 Most Important Cloud Computing Benefits for Businesses

Cloud computing is providing many benefits to its users. These benefits can reduce costs, increase efficiencies, and can provide many other competitive advantages. A portion of businesses is still working on traditional infrastructure neglecting the benefits that cloud computing is providing. It is almost two decades now from the time when firstly cloud computing was introduced.

According to a recent survey that was conducted by the International Data Group, a huge amount of businesses are willing to shift on cloud computing. In one way or another, almost 69% of businesses are engaged in cloud computing. Directly or indirectly, most of the businesses are using cloud computing. A huge amount of businesses are planning to shift their infrastructure to cloud computing. According to the International Data Group, 18% of people are willing to shift on cloud computing. By implementing cloud computing, companies are enjoying huge benefits from their competitors. 53% more benefits a business can gain by implementing cloud computing into business according to the survey conducted by Dell.

According to the reports by Dell and International data Group, we can easily understand the importance of cloud computing. It also shows us how hot is the trend of cloud computing. Industry leaders are implementing cloud computing because they have recognized its importance and benefits. Due to investments by tech giants in cloud computing, this trend is getting more boost. Such as AWS, google cloud and az-203 by Microsoft.

Benefits of Cloud Computing:

Businesses can dramatically increase their profits, efficiency and reduce costs by using cloud computing technology. Cloud computing provides many benefits. Organizations are using cloud computing for many improvements. Using cloud computing, an organization can provide better customer support as their employees can access data at any time from anywhere.

Here we’ll talk about some of the benefits that cloud computing is providing.

1- Cost Saving:

Many businesses are worried about the initial cost to implement cloud computing.  If you are one of these businesses, there is no need to worry because you are not alone. 20% of overall organizations are worried about the initial cost. Implementing a cloud-based server will obviously cost you an amount but this is a one-time cost. The results of this cost are really fruitful when you consider ROI.

While implementing cloud-based services, a business should think of advantages and disadvantages instead of cost. If you are counting initial investment as an important factor than also consider ROI. Organizations are looking for certified professionals to handle their cloud computing infrastructure.

Microsoft is competing with other cloud providers at a huge pace. This is why their cloud computing certifications such as az-103, az-203, and az-900 are getting importance.

A cloud professionals can work in an efficient way for an organization and save costs in project startups. Easy access to the data will save time for employees.

Those who believe, they will pay for the features that they will not use, it is an illusion. With a pay-as-you-go system, a business will only pay for the services that they will use. A business can easily include or exclude service depending on their business scenario.

You will not have to pay for new server installations regularly. It will also reduce the cost of the IT management and maintenance team for servers. It will reduce the cost of electricity. According to survey reports, a huge amount of cost can be saved using cloud computing.


Security is an important concern of every industry, organization, business, and individual. Cyber-security is a hurdle in adopting a cloud computing solution. Businesses that are not shifting on the cloud they believe that cloud is less secure. They believe, if they can access data online, fraudsters can also access it easily. But it is a fade. Cloud is more secure than traditional computing.

A team of experts always keep working for the security of the cloud. They deeply analyze all aspects of security for the data. In most cases, data breaches happen due to internal employees. This is why it is better to keep data off-site. A cloud provider has better security than you. They can spend more on security than you.

Always prefer reputed cloud providers. They will keep your data secure in any case. After switching to the cloud and removing traditional computing, 94% of businesses improved their security. These stats were shared by RapidScale after the survey.

These days compliance is another headache for the businesses. But compliance is beneficial for a business and its clients. These sets of rules are enforced to keep the environment theft-free. Cloud can fulfill your cybersecurity compliance requirements easily. If you start doing it yourself, it will cost you a huge amount. Meeting compliance requirements is easy by using cloud computing, according to 91% of businesses.

Due to these regulatory bodies, techie organizations such as Microsoft are also offering security certifications. Az-203 is a certification for Microsoft Cloud but if you are looking specifically for cloud security, AZ-500 is a cloud security certification by Microsoft.

Cloud servers are using encryption services and transmit only encrypted data. Encrypted data is difficult for fraudsters to extract if they succeed, decrypting it is another difficult task. Various cloud servers add various security measures depending on the client’s requirements. This is why cloud servers are more secure.


Cloud computing is an active trend in technology. Adopting trending skills can increase the chances of developing a career for individuals. For organizations, we have discussed 2 important benefits. One important thing to keep in mind is, disaster recovery is very fast in the case of cloud.

Working on traditional technologies or technologies that are no more beneficial is a waste of time. You will not be able to work or compete with others for a long period of time. Using newer technologies, your competitors will wipe you out of the competition. The aforementioned benefits are enough to convince if you are an organization or an individual. Taking the right decision is the need of time.

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