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How Did Sara Ali Khan Lose Weight

Before Sara Ali Khan made it to the silver screen, She worked a lot on her body to lose weight. And the surprising thing that few people know that she was suffering from PCOD. PCOD is one of the most common problems women face today. Those women suffering from PCOD, have health issues like gaining weight and it is very difficult to lose weight in that condition.

But, Not for Sara Ali Khan, She lost a lot of body fat while she was suffering from PCOD.

But remember, She achieved that transformation because of the determination of eating healthy foods and doing regular exercise. If you are a person who is confused about which foods help you to lose weight then checkout slimming world free food list, It will guide you to which food you should eat when you are losing weight.

Today, Sara Ali Khan is one of the most loved actresses in Bollywood. We all liked Sara, She is goofy, candid and super relatable. Sara has managed to impress millions of hearts with her on-screen presence as well as off-screen chirpiness.

But, do you know she underwent a major transformation before coming into Bollywood? Sara was one of the normal kids, Who suffered from PCOD, She still does.

Seeing her today, No one can’t say that she experienced all the symptoms of PCOD. Some common symptoms of the disease are excessive hair growth, irregular periods among others and unusual weight gain.

Sara once was 96 kilos, Due to PCOD, She gained a lot of weight and this condition also made it really difficult to lose fat from her body. Before she made her debut in Bollywood, She didn’t look like a heroine. She had to lose a lot of fat from her body to make it to the big screen. So, The question is –

How Did Sara Ali Khan Lose Weight?

Women who suffer from PCOD need to change their lifestyle completely to overcome the disease. Sara, while talking about PCOD in an interview said I struggle with to date because the only real cure is a consistent focused, constant and determined lifestyle change. There is no shortcut for weight loss in a safe way.

How She Managed PCOD?

Talking about dealing with PCOD, She is to eat healthily, exercise daily and sleep in a correct and scheduled time every day. These things help your hormone levels remain stable.

Sara also spoke about her fitness regime and she learned and practiced yoga, kathak, pilates and intense and heavy workouts to keep in shape. She also went for boot camp training and noticed playing lawn tennis with his father Saif Ali Khan.

How long did Sarah take to lose weight?

Sara Ali Khan said, I went to Columbia for four years and after completing two years, I decided that I want to lose weight like I said I have always known, but that self-realization coincided when my weight was 96 kilos. It is quite difficult to lose weight in the initial phase but after the second year of my college in America, I am losing weight slowly.

I was a regular kid, who was suffering from a problem called PCOD, and it was very hard to lose weight because my hormone level was very high at that time. So as you can see, there is a level of delusion in me as a person who suffers from PCOD.

Sara Ali Khan’s Diet Plan

Apparently, Sara is Indian so, she follows a simple and healthy eating plan that is good for her mind and body. She prefers eating home-cooked food rather than eating processed food and she eats at regular intervals of time. She does not starve herself to lose weight at all. She would love to add plenty of healthy fiber-rich food in her diet. She starts her day drinking lukewarm water. Here the simple diet plan of Sara Ali Khan-

  • Breakfast: In the morning she usually eat egg whites and bread toast and She reveal that she loves to eat  idlis for breakfast
  • Lunch: Her lunch is simple as normal Indian people eat, Dal, Chapatis, Salad, Fruits and Vegetables and not eating Rice because of high carbs in it.
  • Snacks: For snakes she eats, She eats Upma, a south Indian dish to keep her full and energetic during a workout.
  • Dinner: As I earlier said she eats light and simple food, In dinner she eats chapatis and local green vegetables.

In Addition, Sara usually eats a bowl of muesli, adding with some fruits and oats as a pre-workout meal. After completing her workout she eats snacks including salads, tofu legumes and a protein shake as a post-workout.

Bottom Line

Here is the transformation or we can say weight loss journey that how did Sara ali khan lose weight. You can see the dedication and hard work that she does to achieve the amazing transformation. You can take inspiration from her and achieve your goals as well.