TAN Number, TAN Number register tips

What Do You Need To Do For Online Registration For TAN Number?

Online registration of the TAN number is required for all assesses required to deduct TDS (tax deducted at source) from transactions. If you are required to deduct TDS, you must get a TAN. To obtain a TAN (Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number), you must fill out Form 49B.

What kinds of TAN applications are there? 

Applications for TAN fall into two categories: one for allotment and one for modification or adjustment.

  1. Application for a new TAN allocation: 

The application can be submitted offline or completed online via the NSDL-TIN website. Name, address, phone number, nationality, PAN, and current TAN are among the questions it asks for. The applicants are required to pay a TAN application processing fee of Rs 65—55 as the application fee plus 18% GST.

      2. Application for TAN data modifications or corrections for allotted TAN: 

The change or correction form must include the 10-digit TAN, the category of the deductor, the name, address, nationality, PAN, and, if applicable, the TAN(s). Additionally, there are rows where the necessary adjustments and corrections can be listed. To demonstrate TAN allotment, applicants must submit either a printed copy of the TAN’s details or the TAN allotment letter from the Income Tax Department. In addition to any applicable service tax, the application for correction costs Rs 63.

Eligibility To Apply For TAN Card Online

The following people are required to apply online for a TAN number or a TAN card:

  • Organizations that are nonprofits that exceed the cap more than the maximum limit
  • Businesses exceeding a specific withdrawal limit more than the prescribed limit. 
  • Any person or organization withholds taxes from payment sources like salaries greater than Rs. 180,000 with a number of restrictions.

Who requires a TAN Number?

  • The state, federal, and local governments
  • Organization, group of people, or trust
  • Individual/HUFs
  • Company Divisions/Branches
  • Company Branches of individual companies

Documents Required for Online Registration for TAN Number 

There are no specific documents required for the tan number application online. The application form and the appropriate fee are all that is required.

Upon application, appropriately submit all required documents.

When an application is completed offline, it becomes crucial to submit KYC documents. These documents are also for individuals:

  • Passport-sized photograph 
  • An Aadhar card
  • A passport-size photograph of each of the authorized partners, 
  • Proof of identification for each partner’s address 
  • The location of the company and Partnership Deed
  • Bank Account Statement.

Who May Apply Online for TAN? 

TAN is required for a variety of legal documents, such as TDS/TCS returns, certificates, and payment challans. The following people are eligible to apply for TAN:

  • A single person,  
  • A sole proprietorship,  
  • A business, 
  • An organization, 
  • A group of people, etc.
  • The Central Government, State Government, and Local Authority

How Do You Apply Online for a TAN Number?

For TAN allotment, both online and offline applications are accepted. However, there are particular pre-written guidelines for online applying for a tan card.

  1. Online Application: 

To conveniently submit a TAN application for online registration for a TAN number, visit the NSDL-TIN website at www.tin-nsdl.com. You will see an acknowledgement number on the screen once the TAN allotment application has been confirmed and uploaded correctly.

     2. Offline application: 

Candidates should go to the TIN Facilitation Centre (TIN-FC) closest to them and fill out Form 49B twice if they want to apply offline. The TIN-FC addresses can be found on the NSDL-TIN website.

Procedure for tan number apply online

  • According to the NSDL-TIN website, applicants will submit Form 49B online.
  • After making all the necessary corrections, resubmit the form.
  • On a confirmation screen, the applicant will see all of the information.
  • Either confirming or the applicant can do editing.

Instructions for submitting a TAN application online 

There are two ways for a tan card apply online. One is a certificate-based online application with a digital signature.

Another option is the offline method.

  • Steps for TAN Card Apply Online:

The following is the process of the TAN online application:

Step 1: Go to the website for tin-nsdl.

Step 2: Select TAN from the services menu 

Step 3: Select Online Apply for TAN.

Step 4: Step 5: Complete Form 49B online

Step 5: The candidate must mention the Assessing Officer Code.

Step 6: The filled-in information of the applicant is shown on the screen as a confirmation of submission.

Step 7: In the event of a mistake, the equivalent must be amended or corrected, and the form must be submitted once more.

Step 8: An acknowledgement will be generated after the form has been submitted successfully.

Step 9: DSC validation is carried out 

Step 10: You will be taken to the payment gateway for the TAN application fees through the website.

  • Offline TAN application procedure:

The manual completion of Form 49B, along with the required documentation and fee, is the first step in the offline TAN application process. You will receive a 14-digit acknowledgement number once you submit the form. The applicant must sign this acknowledgement, and a Magistrate, Notary Public, or Gazetted Officer must apply an official seal and stamp.

What sets TAN apart from PAN?

To submit their income tax returns, each individual must have a Permanent Account Number (PAN). However, a Tax Deduction and Collection Number (TAN) is only required for assessors subject to the Income Tax Act’s requirements to deduct TDS or collect TCS.